Signed Copies of the China Book

Several people have requested signed copies of the China book. I’m very happy to do this at my cost, $21, plus shipping which would be around $30 in the US and around $50 with international shipping. If you were to buy it on Amazon for $52, I’d make $7. If you ordered it through Barnes & Noble, I’d make $.30.

I don’t know who works out these algorithms but… 🙂

The problem is, I can’t afford to buy a bunch and hope people buy them. SO what if I take names (you can email me if you want — you can get my email by clicking on my little Gravatar head or by asking. I used to have a “contact me” link but that didn’t go well 😦 ) and then you can send me money as a check, money order or through PAYPAL? Then I can buy books and send them much as a store would do.

The paperback is now live on Amazon and the Kindle will go live on my dad’s birthday, this coming Monday. â¤…

9 thoughts on “Signed Copies of the China Book

  1. I definitely will, although am not sure how to do it. I have a Paypal account, which might only operate in Swiss Francs. I will look into it and see how it would work. I definitely want a book copy, signed. We don’t do cheques so much in Switzerland, perhaps I could do a money transfer to your account. I am not so good with financial stuff.

    • I can send you a Paypal invoice and then you just pay that. Shipping to CH is $20 so the book would be about the same in CHF. I should come over. I don’t remember the dollar ever being so strong. I just texted you via FB

    • Not really. Their markup is enormous and they have their own ebook platform that’s cumbersome and annoying. But I get that. Authors like me don’t make them much money. It’s because of them my book costs so much, but I want it available there if people want to order it. 🙂

      • Maybe I misunderstood. I thought you made more if the book sold at B&N. Self publishing sounds almost as difficult as writing the book.

      • No, I get 32 cents from books that sell at B&N. $7 from Amazon. It’s a kind of racket, I think. Self-publishing is hard work but it’s also fun to design a book. 🙂

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