Red and White Blues

The best discovery I’ve made in a long time is an Apple program that makes it a lot easier for me to make Kindle books. I have found that process tedious and boring, never mind not knowing if they work or not other than the various simulated eReaders offered me by Amazon’s publishing platform.

I’ve long had the theory that no one WANTS me to do that particular formatting task myself because people want me to HIRE them to do that for me. I’d love to, but I haven’t discovered buried treasure, well, there were three antique burlap potato sacks in my crawl space that were pretty cool. The name of the program is iBooks Author and maybe it’s been around for a while and I just didn’t know it.

Anyway, I’m now putting the trilogy of Savior, The Brothers Path and The Price together in one Kindle book. I can’t see putting them together in a paperback unless there is a market for door stops that I haven’t heard of.

Meanwhile, here we are at the 4th of July. Other than the random firecrackers being blown up in town, scaring Bear (and though through it all she feels she must protect me) I think it best to draw a veil of silence over the whole thing. I have a lot of opinions, substantial anger and even more substantial sorrow over the state of things in “my” country.

I’m telling my dog — and myself — it’s just one day and soon (maybe next Monday?) our wildlife area will be open to the public (and the black Angus herd that’s there now). Hopefully the shady trail by the river isn’t underwater, but I think it probably is. I can’t wait to see how things are going out there.

If you live in the US, have a safe 4th of July.

9 thoughts on “Red and White Blues

  1. Good luck with the book, I am sure it will be a success.
    In the meanwhile I read today in our news that from next year Migros in in various parts of Switzerland will no longer sell fireworks, not because of the animals but because of the climate and the environment. Who needs fireworks, certainly not our cats and dogs.

    • I think fireworks should be limited to a city buying a bunch of really pretty — silent — ones and setting them off for the public. We have (in the past) had fireworks for the Christmas parade. We don’t do that any more, but it was nice to see them reflected on the snow. I think the book is just an exercise in using software for me, but it will be cheaper than buying them separately for Kindle. We’ll see what happens.

    • Teddy’s more self-sufficient. He just finds a “hidey-hole” and hunkers down. Bear’s never reacted like this before. I just wonder if it’s because Dusty is gone. 😦

  2. New Hampshire — just across our northern border — sells fireworks to anyone who asks. It is technically illegal to bring them here or to Rhode Island, but that has never stopped anyone. And the illegality of setting off fireworks makes the cops shrug. There are only two of them and they can’t be everywhere at once. I think they assume that those who blow themselves up deserve it.

    If you bronze the books, you could sell them as bookends. Otherwise, good luck!

  3. Poor Bear, our cats don’t like fireworks but people set them off all times of the year here for birthdays, Christmas, new year and other days. Somehow they have got used to them. I reassure them when it happens. X

  4. Last night, it sounded like my neighbors were blowing things up with their fireworks. Tonight is our neighborhood firework display. They might be noisy, but they are pretty. — I love that one of your dogs is named Teddy and the other one is Bear. 🙂 Is your wildlife area closed because of weather?

    • The wildlife area closes for birds to nest from March until July. I’ll be happy when it’s open. My dogs’ actual names are Teddy Bear and Polar Bear. The Bear family 😀

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