Tedious Quotidian Update 43.c.iii

Back in book marketing mode. The Price getting an IndieBRAG medallion opens up some opportunities that I didn’t have before. I’m still looking for reviewers. If you’re interested, let me know. I can send it to you as a mobi, an ePub, a PDF or a real live book.

My Amazon giveaway was a bust. I only had two books to give away. Three people entered to claim the books and none was qualified — probably (knowing my record) they didn’t live in the US. I ran another one and one book got claimed, two more disqualified people jumped in and that giveaway ended. OH WELL.

None of it is that serious, anyway.

I have a big job to do now. I need to combine Savior, The Bros Path and The Price into one file for Kindle. I’m glad I finally got some good software for that, but it’s still a tedious project.

Stuff around here has been breaking — one burner on my stove, Bear’s Halti (after four years of hard daily use the buckle cracked), my vaccccccuuuuuum. The garden is a joke, I have to water when the city tells me to, I need to put up shelves in the garage then put stuff on them. I buy stuff I never even open — like those shelves and a pole saw for tree limbs. Maybe we all do that, I don’t know, but I want to stop. The thing is, you think you’re going to use something and then you don’t. Those things are good ideas, but I don’t have any interest in erecting shelves and putting stuff on them or cutting down tree limbs hanging over my back yard from my neighbor’s elm tree.

Speaking of elm trees, those are sinister bastards. They are all over my town and this spring they let loose a deluge of seeds that would have challenged Noah to stay afloat. Now their illegitimate children are springing up in the carefully tended gardens of dedicated retirees. I wonder if they would be as good on a sandwich as are alfalfa sprouts.

The high river flow has killed several people — a couple of people just fell in (I don’t know how) and many OTHER people challenged the water that was rushing by at at least 1400 cubic feet/second. One pair from Texas tried to drive their Jeep across a river that’s normally pretty shallow and slow, and damn if their Jeep was sunk… Warning: the video contains Anglo Saxon aka blue language… 😀

In other Texan news (please readers in Texas, don’t be offended, but this stuff really happens) I was walking the dogs past the 9th hole of the golf course (it’s at the end of my alley) yesterday during the fantastic beginnings of a storm that didn’t materialize in Monte Vista but pounded South Fork. Four old (55+) guys were playing golf. OK, I know that for some golf is an excuse for driving drunk and these four guys were that type. As I passed, they got very loud, exaggerating their Texan accents (this whole area is where some Texans go to escape summer just as my Montana uncle and aunt went to Texas to escape winter), and one yelled at my retreating form, “Can you cook?”

Once that sank in, I had a resistible urge to go back and wrap his 9 iron around his neck. Or worse. Some men remain 14 year old a-holes their whole lives, I guess.

I forgot to write “shoe.” I’m still wearing them. Lots of people are hanging out in sandals, and in summers past I have, too. But this year? I dunno. I just kind of like socks.


6 thoughts on “Tedious Quotidian Update 43.c.iii

  1. I agree – there are many, MANY, perpetual 14 year olds as you describe. Although I fear we may unintentionally insult actual 14 year olds who don’t fit the description. 🙂
    Good luck with all the repairs. They do seem to come in waves.

    • Yep. I think (experience has borne this out, actually) generations after mine are a little less obnoxious in this way, probably the result of being raised differently, by single moms and in a different climate re: the “battle” of the sexes. Back in the dating days (my forties) other than at work, I didn’t even know any men in my generation let alone date them.

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