Taxi of My Dreams

Taxis were a big part of my life in China. Many of them (always cruising foreigner hotels) were Mercedes, a few Toyotas, including vans, but there was one taxi…

Maybe everyone has a “dream car.” Mine was the Citroën DS. I thought it was incredibly beautiful and I loved the idea that it lifted itself up on air. My dream came true in front of the Baiyun Hotel/Friendship Store one afternoon. The ONE Citroën taxi pulled up to give us a ride.

Rural roads in China at the time were rough. Even city streets had sections of construction where the road basically disappeared in a road bed that was not paved, exactly. Riding the six miles out to our university in that car was like riding in a cloud.

China was like that. Mysteriously, out of nowhere, one of my dreams would emerge from the humidity and rain. There was the car, there was Sleeping Beauty, the ballet, performed by the Royal Ballet, there was China itself.

I finished the China book, printed proofs, and spent the last three days going through the proof. My editor will go through a copy of it, too. It was a pleasure reading it in book form, though I made a lot of changes, mostly stylistic ones which was kind of encouraging. I just found a few typos. I’m still shooting for a release date of July 15, but we’ll see if that “comes true.”

I don’t know what I can write now that will be nearly as absorbing or satisfying. I loved every minute of working on that project.

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