Celtic Knot

“Dude! You have a tattoo.”

That’s not something anyone needs to point out to another. I was wearing a tank top that revealed my shoulder blades. It was the end of a hike on a hot day in the wilds of San Diego.

“When did you get it?”

“I dunno. A month ago?”

“That’s so cool.”

And now you know. I have a tattoo. The story behind the tattoo is pretty good, but I’m unlikely ever to tell it publicly. It’s a Celtic Knot which is pretty silly because I am, myself, a Celtic knot, a tied up ethnic mix of Scots, Irish and British with a bit of Swiss (Confederation Helvetica = Celtic Confederation) mixed in. $100 spent for 45 minutes of pain. It’s one reason I don’t want to go to The Pool with my friends. I guess I just need a rash guard or something…


4 thoughts on “Celtic Knot

    • Wow! I saw a lady at the store who had tattoos I liked. They were really simple, single lines that told whole stories. I still don’t want more. I hope the chemo is going well and it’s almost over.

  1. Your tattoo sounds relatively inoffensive, Martha. I don’t actually have one. As you say, too much pain. I know another lady who is a brilliant artist. In the last few years, she became a tattoo apprentice. Now if I was to ever to get a tattoo, it would be from her – Ligerwolve Designs.

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