“Box” Set

I got the idea of publishing my three novels — Savior, The Brothers Path and The Price — as a boxed set. There seemed to be a lot of support out there for such a project, so I dived in only to discover…

A boxed set is — in the US, anyway — called a “box set” which really sets my teeth on edge. THEN, investigating the logistics of this, I learned that there is no box involved. A boxED set of self-published novels is when you publish all the novels together in one GIANT book AND/OR (preferably instead, actually) ONE edition of all three (or however many) to be read on Kindle.

The advantages to the author are, uh, IS selling all three books at a lower price in one volume. An author in New Zealand has better advice and instruction than anyone else I found. She has correctly termed this an “Anthology.” I think I might like living in the English speaking world.

It kind of wrecked my vision of a beautiful boxed set of my novels. If I’m going to have that it looks like I will have to make boxes myself and peddle them on street corners.

If you are a self-published author and this interests you, I recommend this article why-when-and-how-to-self-publish-a-box-set-of-ebooks/ Clearly she is writing about ebooks, but much of her advice would hold for paper. As for me? I dunno… I’m probably going to drop the whole idea.

I also learned that this writer made $10k in a month from her boxed set of romance novels. I am so writing in the wrong genre 😉


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