Fantastic Paintings

A few days ago, a friend on Facebook invited me to join the Norman Rockwell page. I enjoy looking at his paintings both for their own sakes and for the heavy nostalgia factor. They were on nearly every Saturday Evening Post cover of my childhood.

Yesterday, though, via that page, I met another illustrator, Frank E. Schoonover. I sought more of his paintings via the magic of the Internet and I found a picture that pulled my heart strings in perfect tune.

Above Timber Line by Frank E. Schoonover

Obviously he was painting Bear and me on the golf course after a winter storm, right? Seems absurd, but I have the feeling that this hiker is out there enjoying the cold, the snow and his companions, not really GOING anywhere.

Not long ago, I posted about a storm in Nebraska and talked about the “soddies” built by the pioneers. Here’s Schoonover’s depiction of that prairie life.

Looking at his work as a person who sometimes paints, I’m deeply impressed by his courageous brush strokes and the confidence of his images. Really amazing work, to me.

Pastel sketch: Camp in Canada

You can learn more about him here.

7 thoughts on “Fantastic Paintings

    • Some of them were very tiny — just a room. Some were much larger. When my mom was a little girl, back I the 1920s, her family lived in a combination sod and log house in Montana. I guess it was two rooms.

    • I think the scout’s dogs are real Polar Bears (I never tell Bear she isn’t, but I think she knows she’s a dog). That painting is our (my) fantasy, I think. šŸ™‚

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