Morning Chat with Dusty T. Dog

“But I’m not bold, Human.”

“Not true, Dusty. You’re VERY bold.”

“No. I’m scared all the time. That’s why I’m so barky and aggressive.”

“I know that, Dusty. But if you weren’t scared, you wouldn’t need to be bold. Bear’s not bold. She’s friendly and fierce, but she’s never afraid. Fear makes you bold. You have to overcome that and it takes courage, boldness. You know what Hemingway said.”

“No. How would I know what Hemingway said? I’m a dog. I’d rather be like Bear and just get pets.”

“You do that, Dusty. You’ve gotten really good at it.”

“But I have to bark like a, like a, what’s the rating on your blog, Human?”

“‘R’ for language, I think.”

“OK. Well, I have to bark like a mother…”

“A hound from Hell, Dusty, let’s just go with that.”

“That sounds good. But I’m not a ‘hound from hell’. You know that, right?”

“I know that.”

“Where did you go with my sister yesterday when you left me behind?”

“We went on a long walk. We couldn’t take you because we went too far for you.”

“It sucks getting old, doesn’t it, Martha?”

“Yeah, Dusty, but the alternative isn’t great, either.”

“I’m VERY old for a big dog. The vet said so. Is it true?”

“Yep, you are, Dusty, but you’re in great shape.”

“Probably my morning coffee. Did you see anything good on your walk?”

“Yeah. There were lots of cranes off in the distance.”

“Did you see them? I know you like seeing them.”

“No, but they were noisy, cooing and purring softly. Then they got VERY loud. I looked up and there was an eagle circling above them. I watched for a while, but it didn’t seem that the eagle thought his chances were great.”

“Do you think the eagle got some dinner?”

“I hope so. Eagles get hungry, too. Then when we were walking on the ditch bank there were robins and bluebirds. Oh and a redwing blackbird.”

“I wish I could have been there.”

“Me too, Dusty. I’ll figure out a way for you to go that isn’t so far, OK?”

“I love you, Human.”

“I love you, Sweet Boy.”

14 thoughts on “Morning Chat with Dusty T. Dog

    • Bear barks to let outsiders know she’s on patrol. Dusty barks much less than he used to, usually ONLY if there’s someone walking on the sidewalk who smells weird to him or a dog. I dunno. They’re all born with a job description.

    • Passing on the mantle of head of ranch security to the next generation. He’ll stay on in an advisory capacity.

      I’ve seen it happen many times.

  1. I hope Dusty is feeling better after his upset tummy the other night.

    And hello to Dusty from the three barkers here. Mine all bark for different reasons. So we’ve got every possibility covered. Sigh.

    • Dusty salutes his Aussie pals along with whatever is in going past the yard right now. 🙂 He feels a lot better.

      Spring is really here. Last night there was a skunk in the alley.

      • 🙂 Skunks would be worth barking at. We have Monkey, the cat. His bell drives the dogs wild. I’m looking forward to cooler weather so I can close a few windows and shut out some of the street noise.

        • Dusty and Lily (long long ago in a faraway land known as California) got up one morning with me at 4:30, went to their dog run, a skunk was there. They got skunked badly. I had to go teach. I got to school. Even my BACKPACK which had been in my office at home smelled of skunk! I ended up taking the books and papers out and leaving it in the trash it was so bad. A don’t know what it was about what that thing was made of but wow. I couldn’t even clean my dogs until after school. It was a hilarious nightmare.

          You don’t have them in ‘straya, right? If you do, the recipe is hydrogen peroxide and dish soap. When it happened again, I knew that. 🙂

        • P.S. When do you plant Australian pumpkins? Inside ahead of time or after the last frost? How long do they take to grow? We have a short growing season because we’re at 2300 meters.

  2. It does suck getting old. It also sucks to see your dogs getting old. Our Rex was 17 when he died. The vet said that was an extraordinary age for a Bernese. I wish we could clone him.

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