More Bad Weather; Bailing Out Whole Towns

This Cyclonic Blizzard has wreaked havoc in Nebraska, but “our” President is worried about the “phony Dossier” and is slamming John McCain (RIP) rather than offering concrete help to bail out the farmers and ranchers whose farms are under water or the towns which have been destroyed.

Meanwhile, a woman in Columbus, NE, is attempting to garner support and sympathy by claiming to be one of “the deplorables” living in a “fly over” zone.

Dear friends outside of our Nebraska bubble: we are hurting. We are flooding. As in—half the state under water. Entire towns under water. Massive structures/bridges/roads are floating away. Dams breaking. Rivers jammed with and without ice are overflowing. In our town, we are an island. No ways in or out right now. And this is not a problem that only our town has—there are too many around us to mention. The devastation is simply indescribable. Lives are being lost. Livelihoods are being washed away. 

We are a “flyover” state. We are the “deplorables.” We are “not for everyone.” We are not newsworthy and I have yet to see or read one article on national news about our devastation. That’s heartbreaking because I can’t begin to describe the stories of heroism of farmers trying to save their animals, strangers helping strangers, and rescuers fighting extreme elements to save lives. But I can tell you this, we are strong. We pray. We care about one another. We help our neighbors. I’m proud to be from here. I’m sad to know that it’ll take years to recover from this. But the sun is out today and the winds have calmed (compared to yesterday, at least). The next few weeks and months will be rough and we can all really use your prayers and support. 

These pics are around our town, Columbus, NE. Personally, our home is not indanger.

When I read that yesterday I wanted to get in my private jet and set this woman straight. I wanted to shake her and say, “Look, Sweetcheeks, if this is what you believe, you have a bigger problem than a wet basement.” The message behind her message is, well…

I happen to know Columbus, Nebraska well. That’s the first thing. Second, “the deplorables” was a deplorable comment made by Hillary Clinton during her campaign for president in 2016. Many of us who voted for her didn’t like her and found that comment deplorable. It was one of the reasons I had to hold my nose when I filled in my ballot. Third, the woman who wrote this is claiming to be a victim because she lives in a “fly over state” and is a Trump voter. So much of what’s wrong with this country is laid out in her plea for help.

She is REALLY a victim of a historic storm that was likely caused by climate change which President Trump denies even exists.

That doesn’t change the fact that Nebraska is one of those places many Americans don’t know much about. I lived there for the six happiest years of my childhood and yesterday, reading of these floods in towns that were once familiar to me, I felt very sad. Nebraska really IS the “breadbasket of America” — cattle, corn and wheat make up large parts of its economy — and our diets. In my memory, the people are far from “deplorable.”

My Nebraska hometown — Bellevue — is on the Missouri River (one of the biggest rivers in the US) and is in danger.

This Nebraska woman’s politicized plea for help is, to me, even sadder than the flood waters. They will subside. People will have lost a lot by the time that happens, but what this nation has lost in the entrenched divisiveness among the citizens is not going to subside with the help of gravity and a few sunny days.

12 thoughts on “More Bad Weather; Bailing Out Whole Towns

  1. Global warming? It is only going to get worse before it gets better. If we zeroed out carbon emissions right now, nothing would change for a long time. We need to accept that the weather is changing and make preparations for the next storm.

    • She drank ALL the Kool-Aid. The National Guard is helping, but I don’t think he sent them. Her hero, today, is bashing a dead Air Force general. I think he’s the hand puppet (ha ha) of a much bigger thing that’s taken over the country — both parties. Meanwhile, poor her. She’s a “deplorable.”

      • She seems to be wearing that term as a badge of honour.

        Yes, we need to ask who benefits from such division. People should join the dots, but they don’t seem to care if it feeds into their own prejudices. Which is, of course, the whole point.

      • Yep. Definitely. She’s invested in the idea that she’s a victim of the “left”. Stupid woman. And here’s the so-called “left” perfectly willing to pay higher taxes so there are more resources to help her ass out.

        I live in a fly-over area too, no one cares about us but we care about (and for) each other. If you’re going to identify with “rugged individuality” you can’t whine.

        She’s a contradiction to her own espoused ideology. Fox News created that creature.

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