Diurnal Update, 62.4i

In the night I woke up to silence. I looked out my bedroom window and saw snow sky. Snow sky is pinkish white, more white than pink. It’s a reflection of street lights on falling snow. It means it’s really snowing. I went back to sleep thinking, “Snow sky!!!!” I woke up again, and saw snow sky, still there. Even with these warnings, I was surprised to wake up to falling snow and 12 inches of heavy wet wonder waiting for me to shovel.

It’s not langlauf snow — way too heavy and only a couple degrees from slush — but Bear and I will take it.

Pussywillows Drinking

The electricity went off and on from 2 until 9 am. The local hospital and all its clinics has closed because of the snow and the unreliable power. I had no Internet and didn’t care. I can imagine all the little pores of air between the fragments of soil going, “Ahhhhh,” as this snow melts into them.


14 thoughts on “Diurnal Update, 62.4i

  1. Bear looks so very happy in the snow! Enjoy it while it lasts. I awoke this morning to a cloudy sky and raindrops on the windows — within an hour it became a sunny day, with warmer temps predicted.

  2. That is such a happy doggie!

    Thunderstorms… there goes the snow and maybe a bit of flooding. If you are close to higher elevation, that is where the snow will be hiding.

  3. That’s the kind of snow we got … but we got 18 inches and it has turned to solid ice. At least the driveway is now clear, but it’s March so we may get more. hard to know. There IS a storm brewing down south that could catch us as it crawls up the coast. I just can’t afford any more plowing.

    • There is a blizzard prognosticated for the front range tonight. We ended up with more than a foot of what’s essentially slush. I didn’t even try to shovel out the whole driveway, just a walkway so I could open the gate. the way my drive way is set up, there’s no where to put snow. There’s a fence on one side and a hedge on the other. I hate it.

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