Hell (warning, obscenities liberally sprayed throughout) otherwise, tedious small town stuff.

L’enfer, c’est les autres.” Jean Paul Sartre, original French title of No Exit

Yesterday I felt completely daunted, flattened, by no longer being able to walk the dogs on the golf course. A little melodramatic, I know, but some days are better than others and having Bear attacked by a dog while walking in the hood didn’t help my attitude toward life. As we passed the access road to the golf course, Bear attempted to turn. I said, “We can’t go there. Sorry Bear.”

The golf course sat there on a sunny Sunday completely empty and calling to us. “I’m lonely. Why haven’t you visited me in so long?” Seriously. Its little golf-course spirit was sad.

Ultimately, we had a decent walk around the high school, looking at the golf course continually. BUT there were no big (dog attack) events, and we came home.

I wrote about the shared despair of Bear, me and the golf-course on Facebook (more on that in a minute). One of my brother’s old friends, with whom I’m friends, wrote that I needed to protest this to the city council because “retired people” like me with “augmented abilities” need a place like that. She followed with a long lecture about what I should “do” about it.

I wrote back that I don’t have “augmented abilities” but that I have no restrictions on what I can do. I can even downhill ski and run if I want to.

This woman is polemic by nature. She wrote back in defense of her language saying that my hip replacement augmented my abilities. I thought, “You twat. Words have meanings. My abilities were restored by the hip replacement, not ‘augmented’. Not at all. You try to do the things I do. I don’t think you can.”

I wondered why I got so upset. OK, I was already in a bad mood, but, seriously?

This is a woman who could not see or hold her own new born grandson or be with her daughter when the little boy was born because she refused to get a flu shot. I shrugged. Fuck it. It was my fault for posting on Facebook. Facebook. Facebook, you evil bitch.

I thought about it — we all want to be understood. We want to be seen for the person we are. I don’t think social media helps with that. I already have a minimal (comparatively) presence on Facebook. I’m about to dial that back even further.

I then contacted a woman who also walks her dogs on the golf course and who happens to be on City Council. She let me know the whole story. There’s a movement afoot to make it a multi-use area without kicking off the golfers. She explained that golf courses all over the country are having problems making ends meet and the idea is to keep the golf course from going bankrupt by putting city money into it. She explained that the golf course belongs to the city and no one can tell me not to walk there.

I was relieved. I don’t want the golfers kicked off. I don’t want anything to happen to them at all. I think the golf course is good, but it’s also stupid that there’s this big empty place that no one uses for 7 months of the year, and all I want is to walk Bear on the cart roads out to the ditch easement and out of town. I volunteered to help out. I will not be needed, but a small message of support and goodwill probably doesn’t hurt anything. IF the multi-use thing happens, I will donate a dog poop bag station. I priced them yesterday.

Meanwhile, the golf course groundskeeper did tell us that we can walk there until March 20. We’re going today. It snowed last night, not much, but enough to make a beautiful morning.


20 thoughts on “Hell (warning, obscenities liberally sprayed throughout) otherwise, tedious small town stuff.

  1. Personally, I’m pissed off with the world just because I feel I should be celebrating, not choosing between leftover chili and frozen pizza for dinner — or spending the morning arguing with the hospital and the people who make the batteries for Garry hearing aids. I must have sounded seriously hostile because I got everything I wanted REALLY fast. It reminded me of the bit they did last night on SNL where Inis Eldri does not turn into the Hulk, he turns into a pissed of middle-aged white lady with a pink iPhone. I must have had that tone in my voice, the “Don’t fuck with me” sound I get when I’m really aggravated.

    At least it is sunny this morning. And I got very pretty flowers with fake birds mixed in — the very same birds I can never get pictures of because they wait exactly until I focus the camera and then fly away. We have two huge golf courses less than a mile away and everything but golfers are forbidden. I think they take up more room than our end of town.

      • That’s one of the bitches my city has re: the golf course. In a drought year the golf course needs $$ from the city to pay for water. It isn’t fair. This year they’ll be OK on their ditch shares, but yeah.

  2. “Facebook. Facebook, you evil bitch.”

    How true that is. Friends and family only. And I rarely post, just look to see what others are doing.

    • I have no family, so fuck that. And friends? I’ve been thinking (and not for the first time) that FB doesn’t foster friendship. Before FB what happened between me and that woman yesterday would probably never have happened.

  3. I’m so glad they’re considering opening up the golf course for a public multi-use park! I would think you could walk in areas where the golfers aren’t playing, and during off hours at least!

    • It has always been that way — but never formalized. Today Bear and I went out to the Big Empty, and on our way back I saw one of those people who uses the golf course as a dog park. The advantage of formalizing it would be rules and facilities for cleaning up after dogs since, it seems, people aren’t self-motivated to put plastic bags in their pockets. BUT Bear is NOT dog friendly, so I don’t know how it will ultimately pan out for us. Since the attack last week, she’s not the same dog. It’s like she lost her innocence and she’s now alert to the fact that the world is dangerous 😦

  4. So am I confused? No one can tell you not to walk on the golf course….but someone did. Retired person with augmented abilities? Who in the hell was she talking about??!! Peoples perceptions of others never ceases to amaze me. Poor Bear…

    • Yep. The groundskeeper told me they were going to stop letting people walk on the golf course. A city council member told me the golf course is owned by the city and they couldn’t tell me not to walk there.

      And yeah, “retired person with augmented abilities” — I could have dealt with that if she’d accepted my clarification, but she argued with me as if she knew better than I what I can do. I’m afraid that is not to be borne. She’s been “unfriended” on FB and in my life. That was just the last straw…

      In other news, Bear and I went to the golf course, through the golf course, out into the Big Empty today and had a very nice time. We will do this until golf season starts and if the weather loves us at all, it won’t be for a while. ❤

  5. Well that was an odd thing for your “friend” to say.

    Poor Bear. I hope they re-open the golf course to other uses. A little thinking outside the square on the part of the Club would help. Maybe they could amend their constitution to allow dog walkers to become associate members, especially in the light of it being public space anyway? They could charge a small annual fee to set up some poo stations. And they could educate their dog-walking members about the need to clean up after their dogs and walk their dogs on lead. It would be nice to have a place that was safe to walk the dogs. It does seem like a problem that could be easily fixed.

    I’m only on FB because of my admin responsibilities to Ragtag. 🙂

    • I agree completely. I even thought of joining a couple years ago because I get more use out of the golf course than most golfers — but it’s $500/year. For me, that’s a lot. Something will happen, meanwhile, the soonest it will open will be a week from Wednesday. We went today — our usual trek through the golf course out into open country which is, for me, the whole point. A fast, safe path out of town.

      I’m on FB because my “kids” are and a woman with whom I have a very special relationship. She’s 93, her sons, one of whom was my good friend, were both killed together in a car crash one night after a concert. Before that, her son had bought her an iPad and hooked her up on Facebook so they could communicate. He wanted her to be friends with me and two other people. That has turned out to be a very precious relationship for both she and I. She’s semi-shut in and sometimes Facebook is her world. She’s lived the most astonishing life and is a very fine artist. Anyway, we mean a lot to each other and FB is like a little bistro where we get together. ❤ It does have its not-dark side.

  6. I’ll have to read back to learn the full story about the attack on bear (and on you by someone kicking you out of paradise, apparently.) I hope the movement to open the golf park to walkers meets with swift approval!

    Also, I’m surprised you were told you could run. I was informed my running days were over—not that I was running much anyway. Maybe they were making a subtle comment on my lack of fitness and weight? I’m glad you are getting out—both you and bear.

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