Sweet, Snowy Morning

In good news, I woke up to a snowy morning. Yeah, yeah, it was predicted but I have come to look at weather predictions as mere speculation. It isn’t much, and it won’t last, but it sure is beautiful, muffling the world and softening the edges.

The sun is breaking through the fog. In real language, these two inches of snow mean moisture in the fields. It brings a gentle drink of water to the flowers who are probably jonesing to come up and show their little colorful heads.

I’ve finally accepted it. The changing of the seasons is just one of the few things in the universe that is NOT in my control. ( ha ha ) I’m grateful for this snowy token of nature’s goodwill.

In other news — TONS of snow have fallen on the Colorado mountains this winter. While most of the snow this winter has fallen in MY mountains (the San Juans), in the last few days the sexy parts of the state have gotten a lot of snow. Here’s a video of the main east/west freeway in the state with an avalanche pouring down on it and stupid people driving into it. Enjoy!

12 thoughts on “Sweet, Snowy Morning

    • Me too! It’s not enough to do anything on (here, anyway) but it seems like a token of goodwill (“I’ll be back, Martha. Don’t worry!”) and it’s so pretty. ❤

  1. We have a LOT of snow and won’t be going anywhere until we are plowed out. More than a foot. And it’s COLD. This one’s gonna hang around a while. The dogs don’t mind the snow. Even when it’s as deep as they are tall. It’s just RAIN they hate.

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