Luv’ Story

“What’s wrong, darling? Your cheeks look wan and drawn.”


“You look pale, tired.”

“Uh, nothing’s wrong.”

“You sure? I miss your rosy cheeks.”

“I have NO idea what you’re talking about. I didn’t sleep, that’s all. So, did you get the raise?”

“No. The subject didn’t even come up in my review.”

“You had an annual review and DIDN’T talk about money?”

“It happens.”

“Not in my world. We need more money, Troy. We can’t keep living like this.”

“What exactly is wrong with ‘like this’?”

“Last night, at Marcy and Trevor’s, we were the only ones…”

“‘Only ones’ what?”

“You know what?”


“If we have to have this conversation you just don’t get me.”

“That you’re a superficial, materialistic little bitch? Sweet cheeks, I’ve always known that. So where do you want to have dinner tonight?”

8 thoughts on “Luv’ Story

  1. You mean — you are supposed to get raises at work? That never happened to me. If I wanted a raise, I changed jobs. Eventually, I earned a decent living, but I sure did wander the high tech world a lot.

  2. As a government employee, I only rarely see a raise, and that’s only in years following a better-than-expected revenue collection that happens to coincide with several years of no cost-of-living adjustments due to worse-than expected revenue collection. And even then, the pittance of an increase is barely more than the increase in insurance premiums! But no one ever signs up for gov’t service with the hope of becoming wealthy. Except elected representatives, of course. At least the benefits are decent!

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