17 thoughts on “In other news…

  1. I love this, and the fox looks friendly. When living in Upper Michigan, we often saw the adorable kits frolic by the riverbank. There was also a lame fox that used to visit our backyard looking for food of any type, I suppose, since it probably couldn’t hunt very well. Such beautiful animals.

    • I first saw “my” fox the first winter I lived here. We just stared at each other in amazement through the fog and snow. The moment itself was visually spell-binding. The second time I saw him, he got in the puppy play position and looked at me and my dogs. It was so cute and the message was clear. Last time I saw him was just before our big snow a month ago — there were mule deer running across the field. I was watching them when I saw a low red blur behind them moving very fast. I like him a LOT and I’m really happy he’s around.

  2. What a lively rendition, Martha! If you get to see your neighborhood fox in person, I imagine his fire would stand out so lovely in the snow like your drawing. Maybe before the snow melts away? 🙂

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