Quotidian Update 43.2.a

Well, that break didn’t last long. It appears my NOT writing a daily blog while drinking my coffee in the morning disturbs the balance of life on Planet Martha. I get it. It corresponds with the rawhide pencil moment of my dogs’ lives, and it’s part of Dusty’s morning coffee (cup). Dogs are creatures of habit, but it might go deeper. I think it might be ritual.

Yesterday I cleaned out the art-room/studio/play room and assessed my art supplies. I guess during the working years I amassed supplies ahead of “someday.” Someday is now. I’m going to have to start manufacturing artwork and not watercolors on paper that take up no space and use almost no materials. I have to get into the oil paints and start turning out Elvis portraits. Tout suite!

The big news (in two days, you can’t expect a lot) is that I got my tax refund and paid for my skis. For the last several days, while the local mountains have been dumped on, we’ve had a melt. I was out there with Bear day before yesterday. The tracks looked OK, but we had more warm temps yesterday. The cross-country skiing is good up at Wolf Creek, the local ski area, but I don’t have anyone to go with and since it’s off to the side of the mountain, in the woods, and not patrolled. I don’t feel so good about going by myself.

In political news, I watched part of the State of the Union. What I do not understand is WHY that man doesn’t care about or respond to the fact that more than half the people in this country despise (fear? loathe?) him. He doesn’t seem to recognize that there’s a legitimate parallel America doing its best to function beside his bizarro America. He doesn’t get that he’s (ostensibly) the leader of THAT America, too, and owes them (us) a debt of responsibility.

As I looked at the sea of representatives from all over the country I thought that one side represents the future and the other the past. I can’t say I like the face of either side, and, even more significant, I am sad that there are “sides.” I’m tired of the ignorance. Socialism and Freedom are not opposites, for example.

OH well…

In other news (cheerier) on my dog walk yesterday, I found this note on the sidewalk. It had white ribbon and had been attached to a scarf that had been tied around a slumbering flowering crab apple tree.

I have to go paint something.

24 thoughts on “Quotidian Update 43.2.a

  1. I have thought about a break now and again, and a couple of times was forced into one due to accidents or being away from home, but I couldn’t do it. No matter how little time I have, I write my daily pieces. And I am loving your drawings and paintings. You are almost inspiring me to have a go, but I know I cannot do it. Even my straight lines are not straight.

    • The dogs were very disturbed yesterday by the change of routine. It was kind of funny. It doesn’t matter if you do well or poorly with a piece of artwork. The point is to enjoy doing it. Straight lines are for geometry anyway. ❤

  2. You GOT your tax refund? We don’t even get our taxes done until Monday! Not like it’s going to be a huge amount of money, but it will be a lot better than nothing.

    Blogging is more than a little addictive. Every time I think I’m giving up, I think of something I need to write.

    • There’s that and Dusty is really suffering from some level of senile dementia. Yesterday, as I did other things, he was very anxious. So, I have to sit at the table and do something while I drink my coffee first thing in the morning until he goes to join Mindy, Lily and the others in the enchanted forest. It’s not a hardship.

      Whatever is wrong with his spine is such that he can’t wag his tail. He tries, but it just barely moves. He’s on two pain meds now — and they work — and anti-anxiety pills at night. He gets around fine and is a lot more peaceful than he was a couple months ago.

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