8 thoughts on “Taking a Break

  1. I am having the same problem. I think I need a break. Also, WordPress just added a “new way” to reproduce a piece of writing and IT DOESN’T WORK. I’m so frustrated, I want to scream.

  2. Honestly Martha, I’m not surprised by this. You are just SO prolific that I’ve wondered how you’ve been able to keep up the pace for for a while now. I mean between the “quotidian” series (a bit of an ironic title on a site featuring often multiple posts a day), the dog conversations, the picture editions, the general musings, the reminiscences, and on and on and on, I can’t believe burnout didn’t sting you weeks, months, ago.

    Take you recent China series. Fascinating, absolutely fascinating! And brilliantly crafted (of course). But they were so long, and came so rapid fire, that even I – fascinated by the subject AND with time to read – couldn’t keep up. I can only imagine how much time, how many mental resources, it took to produce them at the rate you did. No wonder you feel the need to take a break!

    This is not to chastise you by any means. Not at all – I love your stuff (doggies!!) and hope, like the others, that this is just a break and not goodbye. But might I suggest that when you do return (being optimistic here) you go a bit easier on yourself and maintain a slightly less demanding/frantic writing schedule. For very selfish reasons we don’t want you go. If posting only when the muse is on you, rather than forcing yourself to do a daily chore, relieves your stress and allows you to keep going albeit at a reduced pace, so be it. “Reduced” is better than “none”. C’mon, you’ve got too much talent in those fingertips to just shut them down completely! THINK OF THE CHILDREN!!

    So say all of us. Or me, anyway. 🙂

  3. To me anyone that writes no matter how short, medium, long, extra long, extra extra long deserves a break! Have fun on you break.🌨🏂💃

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