Sun vs. Snow

Temperatures got into the 40s (7 C) yesterday here in the back of beyond. The snow looked around and said, “WTF?”

“Skedaddle,” said the sun.

“I don’t know if I’m going to do that,” said the immense piles of snow everywhere. “And I don’t think I like your tone.”

“Ha,” said the sun. “You can like it or not. It doesn’t matter. In six more weeks you know what happens.”

“That’s so,” said the snow, “but you know what I can do in May or April if I feel like it.”

“And I allow it.”

“You’re powerful, O great star, and all that, but I’d like to make a couple of points here. First, if this planet didn’t tilt like it does, you couldn’t make your ‘in six weeks’ threat. Second, you’re getting a lot of help from humans.”

“Surely YOU know the difference between weather and climate. You’re snow, after all.”

Snow shook her head and tiny ice prisms flew into the blue sky, melting before they had time to fall. “That’s neither here nor there. There are humans who need me. Even the little lady in this house here. She needs me. She and her big white dog wait all year for me.”

“Millions more wait for me, Snow. Without me, nothing happens. Life ends.”

“Uh, listen Sol, old pal. Without me, nothing happens. Life ends.

25 thoughts on “Sun vs. Snow

  1. When the sun finally wins, perhaps it will take the rain along too! As much as we need rain, 7 days is enough! On the good side, we’re now at 1.5 times normal rainfall for the year, and have two more days of this round of storms plus more on Saturday. We had a gap this morning, but it’s pouring now! I think Wednesday will be a good green fields photo day, and the flowers won’t be far behind. It’s a fine balance between sun and precip, one that we need, but one that is slightly out of whack right now!

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