Deep Snow

The snow is deep here in Heaven and it’s GREAT. I didn’t buy skis, my new snow shoes have shark’s teeth on the bottom and they scare me. But we remain undaunted and yesterday we headed out to the golf course to smell things and look for tracks.

The San Juan Nordic Club has groomed beautiful trails and, as it was Sunday, people were using them. It was wonderful to see — and it made me envious. Anyone who was outside yesterday really WANTS to be outside. Dusty made two new friends — a friendly neighbor opened his arms and let Dusty run to him, and one of the skiers — a really amazing ski-skater — stopped and asked if he could meet my dogs. They were all about it.

The tracks for cross-country skiing are really nice — there is a wide one for the skaters, lines for the people like me who just glide, and then a packed part to the right of all this for walkers. In snow over a foot deep it’s nice to have something a little more solid under foot. I love that they do that. It’s kind and respectful and protects their ski tracks from the kinds of postholes idiots like me drop into the snow with every step.

So far this winter I have fallen three times and gotten up three times, twice in deep snow. That was one of my biggest fears thinking of winter sports. Every time it was nothing. “I fell, so what,” not even that much thought or dread went through my mind. When you think of being mobile, you don’t think of falling, but it’s part of the equation. Anyone who moves around risks being attacked unaware by inanimate objects that are out to get them. It’s vital to be able to recover from a fall without fear. Just pick yourself up, brush yourself off and start all over again. Yesterday we walked a mile and a half through this deep snow. It was hard work, but fun. Dusty was suffering by bedtime, though.

But I’m getting skis. This is insane.

P.S. The photo is from three days ago. We’ve had more snow since then. πŸ™‚

16 thoughts on “Deep Snow

  1. I have never stood on skis in my life, and have never had a wish to do so. My No. 1 son is quite good. He has no fear. Probably because he is an autist. He had his skiing practice when he was at school in the Winter holidays. it has been a few years since I had the success of getting up on my own after falling, so I think I will leave it. Have fun.

  2. How awesome is that!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m thrilled for you. I tried skiing, not for me! However, snowshoeing or cross country might have been the way to go. And look at that snow! We haven’t had any (yet) it could happen and it’s quite the change from the past 2 winters where we had your kind of snow the first of Dec.

  3. We just got a full day of rain and 4 days of rain predicted for us. Yay! (If you are in a burn area then, “Boo!”

  4. Would snowshoes work out? They always looked a little klutzy to me, but just in case it’s not a skiing kind of day, would the shoes be useful? We haven’t gotten ANY snow yet, but they are promising us a lot next weekend.

    I’ve always been terrified of skiing. I always saw me in a giant heap of broken skis and bones, carried off the mountain by a team of big dogs with brandy kegs.

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