Just an Anonymous Card…

There’s nothing personal about this card. Inside the envelope someone wrote “1/7”. I just got it out of my mailbox with a sweet birthday card from a friend, some rawhide dog chews, irrelevant mail from my Alma Mater, an insurance offering from the people who have my car loan… But

In a little while, I’ll be heading out with Dusty and Bear for a “Dusty” walk which is a mile because that’s Dusty’s comfort limit. Further than that, and afterward he’s in pain. His meds help, but I just think, “Why should he hurt? This is enough to keep him in shape.” We’ll walk through the finally melting snow and the dogs will follow tracks from tree to tree, Dusty off leash, Bear pulling me. Then I’ll come home and ride the Sainted Bike to Nowhere for 30 minutes thus accomplishing my 10,000 steps or whatever.

This time last year, I couldn’t walk well, I was scared and in pain. I was in my late 80s physically, and mentally? I have no idea. It was a strange, determined, dark, hopeful, frightened place. It got a lot better when I found my surgeon.

Every day since my surgery has been my birth-day. Every day has been a challenge — physically, emotionally, mentally, in terms of my identity, everything changed when I was able to walk again and understood fully how long it had been. Every day I celebrate mobility. The people who cared for me at the hospital, the nurses and all the other staff, were awesome and made it better and a lot less scary. My doctor understood who I am. He understood that my father’s immobility, and my intimate knowledge of it, affected my emotional reaction to everything. He became a surgeon because his mom lost her mobility. He understood my fear, my sadness, my hope. All that and he is an exemplary surgeon.

The people who sent me this “anonymous” birthday card gave me back my world. Today I’m not in my late 80s. I’m only 67.

19 thoughts on “Just an Anonymous Card…

  1. Happy Happy Happy!! Here’s wishing you continued improvement in your mobility. That would be *almost* as good as cake!

    Many more, kiddo. Really πŸ™‚

  2. I feel younger than I did five years ago. I’m surprised to hear me say that, but I do. I had a lot of repair work to be done, but it got done and gradually, life is coming back. Medical science has come a really long way. I am alive because of it. I guess many of us are! Go science!

  3. Enjoy as much as you can. Old age can surprise us with good and bad. My partner is eight years ahead of me and I realise what could be ahead.

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