Resolution and Wonder

I always thought the Buddha was kind of precious saying, “desire creates suffering” but damn. He was right. After four days of very frigid weather, today the temperature warmed up to the 20s (-3C), and Bear and I finally got to take a long snowy walk. What a walk!

My desire for more money and X-country skis and (yeah, maybe, this, too, YOUTH), all that had made me unhappy, vanished in what I saw and learned.

Walking in 8 inches of snow isn’t easy, but it’s fun. We headed across the golf course out to the big empty. Wildlife don’t know the difference between the two, so, besides the snow (which Bear and I love) there were all these smells, “ordurves”, urine sprays, scent markings on the bottom of trees, and TRACKS. Humans have ONE gift on the hunt and that’s height. Bear has, for a dog, very good vision, but I’m taller. Still she gets to experience a lot of things I don’t. I think I’m glad.

And then I saw “my” deer. The two does, running across the empty alfalfa field. They stopped when they saw me. Then out of the corner of my eye, I saw something running, more like floating, on the snow. I knew who that was. It was “my” fox. I haven’t seen him in two years. HE was why my deer were running.

My fox a couple years ago in the snow and mist

The does leapt over the fence. The fox ran in another direction, not liking seeing me and Bear. You never know with that guy. Sometimes he’s curious, sometimes he’s not. The deer stopped running and walked a few yards toward me. We looked at each other. I let them know I was very happy to see them again (did they understand?). I wondered where the buck, the other doe and the yearling were, but I couldn’t ask. After we acknowledged each other, they went into the willows to browse.

On my way back I saw two x-country skiers trying out the newly groomed trails. One was a really good skate-skier. The other was a guy struggling. It’s a sport you have be pretty stoical to enjoy when you’re just starting out. You have to like the possibilities because it’s a little awkward to learn. I hated it the first time I tried it in the Wind River Range of Wyoming. It was hell. But, a few years later at Devil’s Thumb Ranch near Winter Park, I took lessons and it turned out to be one of three sports I’ve tried in which I had a natural ability. It’s so nice to get a break like that.

I waved at they skier. He came over to say “Hi,” and I asked him if he were having a good time. He just said, “Well, it’s a nice day.” Colorado speak for, “Hell no.”

I just smiled and said, “Keep enjoying yourself.”

“Oh yeah,” he said and struggled off.

Unlike him, I was having a good time, and it occurred to me that I’d rather walk through the snow with Bear than X-country ski. I thought of all the places we could walk in the back country, and I realized that my new winter sport is…

1/10 the cost of X-country skis and MORE versatile for going into the snow with my big white dog. I don’t need new boots. I have poles and it’s something I’ve never really done. An adventure.

14 thoughts on “Resolution and Wonder

  1. Yay! That more than makes up for the disappointment of the boots not fitting the skis! Does your fox jump for rodents as the Arctic fox jumps for lemmings? They are such beautiful animals!

      • Ooh — great painting! It’s impressive that they can jump for lemmings from some distance and actually catch them under the snow! And they’re so graceful doing it! I’ve not seen it in person, but the videos show it nicely!

        • We have an arctic fox in the Valley. He’s a therapy fox and the spokes-fox for a new animal sanctuary. His name is Dilbert and he’s still a kit. If they get the sanctuary off the ground, I’m going to volunteer. They recently rescued a pig. Not really the exotic animals they’re hoping for, but a pig is a pig. His name is Fred.

      • I love the idea of a therapy fox, especially an Arctic Fox. I hope it’s cold enough there that he changes color with the seasons! I think if I lived closer to San Diego I might volunteer at the SD Zoo — there is so much information about the animals to share, and not many volunteer “docents”. I hope they get the sanctuary up and running — there are so many creatures that need rescue facilities!

      • I thought I remembered your posting about a white arctic fox — that was when I was in SB for Thanksgiving, and I only scan posts quickly when I’m there! What a little cutie! Somehow I wouldn’t expect a gator farm anywhere in Colorado — what a fascinating place you live in! It’s about 1-1.2 hour drive from here to the zoo — I love to go down there, have lunch at Albert’s, and see a few of the animals. They’re continually upgrading the zoo now at its 100th birthday, and there’s even a bridge across the canyon now! I need to get to the Safari Park soon too — another amazing place!

  2. I am smiling. Given time, things work out as they were meant to. Happy for you, Martha. And I really do like that fox painting.

  3. A beautiful walk Martha, you are very blessed to enjoy all this beauty with Bear and the deer. A very happy weekend to you all! πŸ€—πŸΎπŸ’–πŸΎ xxx

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