The Bear Report

Snow is in the forecast but here in Heaven, between two rain shadows, it’s always iffy. We will be VERY happy if it arrives because then my dog’s camouflage will work.

Meanwhile she’s waiting patiently. Long walks help combat the yearning.

“The deer are over there, Martha.”

And toys…

Bear in the morning with her new toy.
In the evening after a long walk, with her new toy.

We had a long walk yesterday with lots of amazing smells mostly of the two dogs and their people who were out in the wildlife refuge when we arrived. Bear walked in every patch of snow that still remained from whenever that was a long time ago that snow fell. The one big patch under the cottonwood trees gave her a place to roll around.

That’s pretty much the Bear report for this part of the world. I imagine later on today we’ll go try to find what little bits of it still remain in cold north hollows and maybe see how our deer are faring.

21 thoughts on “The Bear Report

    • Your poem is really beautiful ❤

      A white Christmas has its good and bad points. Since I don't have to drive unless I want to, I am free to enjoy snow and I do. For some mysterious reason, it just makes me happy. Maybe it's my 30+ years living in Southern California when snow in the nearby mountains was an EVENT that I attended joyfully every chance I got.

      • Martha, somehow from your site I got to a site where the person was photographing animals in Yellowstone. I thought it was you up until the end, when it gave a different blogsite. Amazing photography of otters, moose, foxes. The first photo was of side-by-side trees, I believe in the snow. It may have just been on WP displayed on your page, as they do, but if you were the one reblogging it or if you know the site, could you give my a link?

      • I grew up with snowbanks so high I could step out of my second floor room onto the tops of them and we had to tunnel down main street and into the stores. I loved it as a child but as an adult, I just enjoy the stories asociated with it.

        • I remember that in Nebraska and a couple years in Denver. I don’t think my folks got the pleasure from it my brother and I did. Where I live now is essentially a desert so we might get one big snow (12 inches) a year. I’d be happy with more, but I don’t have 4wd and my driveway is on the alley — which I have actually had to shovel some 50 feet just to get my car out. Snow can be a total pain.

    • Absolutely! I hesitated at first because she’s a giant breed dog and I thought she was part husky which, though I love them, I couldn’t keep up with one now, but she’s an Akbash. Very calm, very loving, very smart, responsive and likes everything I do. I love her to pieces. ❤

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