Tutorial for “Gutenberg”

For you who yearn for those halcyon days before WordPress changed its editor, here’s something that might be helpful. Don’t hesitate to contact the writer (not me) for help and advice. πŸ™‚

From Janice on Mostly Blogging

Can I address the elephant in the room?

WordPress doesn’t look like WordPress anymore.The WordPress Gutenberg Editor has replaced the familiar WordPress Editor.

Welcome to the world of blocks!

There are blocks available for all kinds of content: You can insert text, headings, images, lists, and lots more!

This post will explain why WordPress switched to the Gutenberg Editor and offer a tutorial so you know how to use the new WordPress editor.


Here’s the Tutorial…


19 thoughts on “Tutorial for “Gutenberg”

    • I liked it from the beginning but I’m always curious about new stuff on my computer. It’s not that hard, it’s just different. I hope Janice’ tutorial is useful!!

  1. I will save this. Should I ever be so foolish as to return to the new editor, I ‘ll use this as a guide. But I just don’t do anything this complicated, so it’s an unnecessary extra learning curve. I’d rather take pictures.

  2. I also popped it onto Twitter. Truly, there was a time when this would have really made a difference, but in all the years of waiting for it to actually HAPPEN, I gave up and simplified how I wrote things. I have yet, though, to find a “text insert of external information” that looks the way I want it to look. I do my own version involving table, bolding, and sometimes, using a graphics background (when I’m in the mood).

    For me, the issue is to take LESS time to write. I’m such a nitpicky author (you’d never guess by all the typos, mind you) that even short pieces take me forever.

  3. Thank you, Martha, for reblogging my article. One of your readers reblogged it as well! Thanks for sharing my tutorial. I’m glad it can help bloggers ease their transition to Gutenberg.

    • You’re welcome. Your post is great — I’m sure the people who read my blog who’ve been freaking out over the change will find it helpful. It answers a lot of questions! πŸ™‚

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