Polar Bear Yeti T. Dog has dreams. I live in the here and now. She dreams of snow, I just enjoy it when it happens. I had no idea that a dog could “yearn” but she does.

Don’t accuse me of projecting my feelings onto my dog. I don’t. I’ve watched her. She has a hole in the yard which is on the north side of the fence and in the shade of the lilac hedge. It’s the last place snow melts. She has dug it to be almost a foot deep. When it snows, she shovels snow into it. She lays in it, not realizing her body heat makes the snow melt.

The moment snow starts to fall, Bear knows it and wants OUT. She just stands in it until she’s sure it’s happening. Sometimes (depending on the time of day) we go for a walk in the falling snow. In Bear’s world, falling snow isn’t silent and it has a particularly sweet aroma.

In summer, that spot is her favorite spot in the yard. It’s where she dreams of snow.  

“A few more months, Bear.”
“I’ll wait here.”
“That won’t work, sweetheart. Come in and get a cookie.”

14 thoughts on “Snow

  1. I have had cats that yearned, too. One of them was totally addicted to electric trains and when we put them away after the holidays, he would sit outside the closet door and moan. All he wanted was to sit in the middle of the trains and watch them go around and around, occasionally swatting on, then letting it go. One day, we just gave up the trains. It was too cruel.

    At least you can count on the snow coming back! I hope.

    • Bear certainly yearns for snow. It completely makes sense to me because I yearn for snow, too. Not to the degree SHE does. Wait, maybe she senses my definitely elevated mood and equate snow with MY happiness (and a jubilant walk?) Hmmmm

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