Letting Go

This is kind of a PSA. Yesterday I dumped some of the WordPress Blogs I built over the last few years. I dumped “My Everest” and “Martha Goes Home.” WordPress personal blog is $48/year (includes a custom domain and no ads along with other features I don’t use like emails and chat support) made it absurd to pay for sites that are nothing more than scrapbooks for me to read. I didn’t find an option to “downgrade” to a free site so I dumped them.

I was happy when WordPress said, “Do you want to download your content?”

Yeah, I did, especially “Martha Goes Home.” Unfortunately, the “download” was an inscrutable text dump of XML files, and the image files were unreadable. I was disappointed but it’s not the end of the world. I haven’t looked at either blog in I don’t know how long and THAT is the test for me for throwing out anything. 

I’m going to dump some other blogs, too, and end up with only two — this one and the one for my books. That one is pretty inefficient, but I built it after I already had blogs for individual books — now, I think, I can streamline the whole mess. 

The moral of the story? Save your stuff your own way. Don’t rely on WordPress to “download” your blog. 


15 thoughts on “Letting Go

  1. I still have my two blogs, mine and one for the cats. There were once three cats, now only one and I do not know how long I will continue it. One day Tabby will reach her 10th life and will no longer be there, as a 16 year old lady. At the moment I am still here. I never asked WordPress to do anyhing for me and I think after seeing your printout I am glad.

  2. I wish I had a real text of some of this blog. I have their “exports,” but they are only designed to be imported into their own files under a new name. I’m pretty sure they’d be worthless otherwise. I should have written in an external document product and then imported them, but the amount of work involved was more than I was willing to do. I find that I have definite limits now. I enjoy blogging — until it becomes work. I do save all the photographs on backup drives. Two big ones. As for the writing? I don’t think it’s deathless prose anyway, so when I’m gone, so goes the writing.

    • I didn’t “export” my files — I downloaded them. I will probably attempt to export files from the blogs belonging to individual novels. I just realized it’s stupid to pay them for blogs I don’t read and no one else reads.

    • I don’t think they’re removing the free plan — I’m honestly kind of confused about what they’re doing, probably because I have so many blogs and different plans. I’ve paid for domains — like thebrotherspath.com. The site is free, I’ve paid for the domain. Anyway, you can be sure they’ll tell you if they want money. 😀

      • That’s what I am worried about! I don’t have any!!!
        I have kept all the posts that were important to me on my lap-top.
        Because I have had lots of health problems since my head injuries, I have started to want my site to be something really special for my family to be able to look at in the future. It would be so sad if it disappeared.

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