Monte Vista Christmas Parade

Saturday night was Christmas in Monte Vista, Colorado. No, it’s not the legit Christmas that that’ll come later with everyone else’ Christmas, but our town’s celebration and parade. It was — as always — sweet. My friend Lois, who lives up in the “big city” of Colorado Springs, and I went to the parade and the event was filled with the magic and surprise that seem to happen here in Heaven. One of the surprises was getting to meet and pet an Arctic fox named Dilbert.

He’s just a kit, 8 months old, a rescue from a fur-farm. A wild animal rescue is forming slowly on the east side of the San Luis Valley, Colorado ARC (Animal Rescue Center), and this little guy is going to be their ambassador. He was a little stressed, his tongue hanging out and panting, but he put a good face on it for a wild animal on a street in a small town. His person said that the fox will also be a therapy animal and I can see that. He’ll be especially effective helping people who have lost their sense of wonder.

My friends drove two of their classic T-Birds, small beautiful cars almost lost between our town’s new fire truck and the San Luis Valley Hazmat truck. Once again the high school had a great float. 

Piñon fires warmed parade goers, the Girl Scout troop passed out candy to the kids, the high school band played, there were carolers singing Christmas songs and one of the prettiest old buildings opened for the first time since I’ve lived here. They served coffee, hot chocolate, tea and Christmas cookies to all who came by.

I love this. I think growing up in a town like this might present problems for some kids, but the kids I saw were absolutely enraptured by what they saw. Parents were thrilled, old people smiled and Lois and I just LOVE it. 

Me and Lois reflected in store window.

All photos by Lois Maxwell. 🙂

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  1. We never have Christmas parades here. Wish we did, would have something to photograph, but carnival follows Christmas in February and then there will be enough parading. Love the arctic fur fox.

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