Searching around in my memory for an exultory moment, I come up with nothing. I’m not sure I’ve ever exulted, but until now, I never thought about it. I’ve been happy, really happy, but exult? What would it take? 

A mysterious person showing up at my mortgage company and paying off my mortgage without ever meeting me or saying anything about it? The person then goes on to cover the car and the credit card from hell. I might not exult (fearing there were impossible strings attached, such as the loss of my soul) but I’d be very (cautiously) pleased.

Hmmm…. That’s not going to happen…

If I were to go to Wolf Creek and ski downhill with no problems, without falling? Yeah, that would do it. I’d exult. Wait… I exulted when Dr. Ed told me I had no restrictions at my last post-op visit. Definitely exulted, walking on air and stuff, but the thing is, you don’t get to exult long. I drove over to my friend’s house to give them the good news and got met by someone’s grumbling bad news. That’s life for you.

I think I may have exulted when my neighbors hooked me up with really good Internet last summer. I was happy to have the improved Internet, but most happy that my neighbors thought of me and took that kind of action. My neighbor’s the president of the company. 

I think I exulted on my mountain hike in October, kind of a quiet transcendental exultation, but definitely joy. 


7 thoughts on “Exultation?

  1. Interesting reading, to follow your train of thought, here, Martha. I agree with your idea that reasons to exult are often short-lived, for one reason or another.

  2. I had to look up the exact definition of “exult” after reading your post. I know I’ve sung a lot of songs in church with the word “exult” in it, but I don’t think I’ve ever used to word myself, and I don’t think I’ve read many books, journals, etc. with with word exult in it. Anyway, your writing always makes me think, and I like that. 🙂 I’ve exulted a few times in the last year, but you are right, they are short-lived. Well, those moments are fun while they last, and the memories are just as good.

    Hope all is well, Martha! I need to catch up in the blogging world. Painting projects, a death in the family, and holiday commitments have been taking up all my free time. I miss this.

    • I had to look it up, too. I was afraid I was confusing it with exhalt.

      I think maybe our moments of exultation are brief because they’re remarkable. Maybe if they happened all the time, we wouldn’t feel them with so much intensity. I am loving your paintings.

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