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A year or so ago my friends experienced a terrifying car crash. They were rear-ended by a coal truck as they were turning in to the driveway of the local vet where they’d gone to pick up their dog who’d spent a couple nights there while its people had gone to a nearby town to visit family.

It was awful. Neither of them were seriously hurt (nor was the driver of the coal truck) but the damage to their car made it look like a crash no one could have survived. They drove a Ford Escape. In the back was part of an engine of a 1950s era T-bird. The well-designed back end and the heavy metal of the T-bird part did a lot to protect my friends.

They’ve only recently been able to sort out the insurance claim even though the coal company was cooperative.ย 

The day of that crash, I had a little one of my own. My car — a Ford Focus hatchback — was rear-ended by a Dodge Ram Truck.ย 

Relax. There was a LOT more damage to the truck than to my Focus. Strange, huh? I thought so. All the damage to my car was three little divots from the truck’s license plate frame. The truck’s hood would no longer close and the bumper was dislocated.ย 

The truck was driven by a kid, so I had the honor of being his first accident. With my California mentality, such an accident is no-harm no-foul. Still, the kid and his father (who runs a body-shop) were very worried that I didn’t really mean, “Forget about it.”

But I did mean it.

9 thoughts on “Good Car

  1. car crashes are scarey. Yours sounded lucky — hard to believe the truck had more damage — you have a great car. Sorry about your friends but lucky no one got hurt.

  2. I keep getting rear-ended. Even when I slow carefully and pull completely off the road when I see a collision ahead, someone loses control and slides into me. Heavy sigh!

  3. Maybe the amount of damage has something to do with the speed that respective cars are going, eg. the car colliding with a slow moving or stationary car gets more damage, or vice-versa. I dunno. I have a vague recollection of hearing something like that many years ago.

  4. Glad everyone is ok! I’m surprised the truck had more damage! They are usually the beastly ones!
    I’ve written a small post on my car too just recently. If you want to hop on over to my blog, please drop me a line too! ๐Ÿ™‚

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