Cool Rocks

I never got the idea of “jewels.” What made the diamond on my mother’s finger more beautiful or valuable than any other rock? Even when it was explained to me, it made no sense. To me it always seemed a variation on ravens picking up shiny things for their nests — a cool thing that ravens do, but people? 

I just don’t get it. 

In the passage of time, I inherited my mom’s diamonds. They are in a box with a couple of other treasures and I think it’s interesting what those treasures are. There is my dad’s Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam, the Bible my grandma gave me when I was six and able to read, and my mom’s diamonds, metaphors for all three.

But I have some jewels… 

Dendrite rock from Mission Trails Regional Park I found hiking with Truffle and Molly
Moccasin last I found in Montana out rock hunting with my mom. It’s the right size for a child’s moccasin and it was looking up at me just like this from the plowed field by the Little Bighorn. 🙂 ❤
Raw Lapis Lazuli, the stone from which Ultramarine Blue was originally made. It’s my Martin of Gfenn rock.
Rocks (clay) from the Paint Mines in Calhan, Colorado. Very nice pigment stones! 

I can’t wear any of these, but I have one rock treasure that I can wear. It was given to me by a Chinese student years and years ago, soon after I returned to the US from China. I complimented her on her jade pendant, and she took it off her neck and gave it to me. It was embarrassing. I had nothing of equal value to give her, and it’s a very precious thing. I love it. The old-style Chinese writing on the back says, “Bamboo whispers peace.”

25 thoughts on “Cool Rocks

  1. I LOVE the colour of Lapis Lazuli. I’m a bit like you in that I’m not really into jewelry, but I love looking at cool rocks, especially sparkly geodes! ❤

    • I have a lot of turquoise because one of my mom’s (I have been “adopted” figuratively a few times) gave it to me. It’s a beautiful stone and it is the color of the sky a few miles south of here. Where I live is known by the Navajo as “Home of the blue sky people.” I think Utes. ❤

  2. Every hike usually acquires a precious stone or rock. I’m not a big jewelry collector, except what was passed down in the family, but I have not added to it.

  3. What a fabulous collection of treasures, Martha. I love the pendant and the moccasin stone. The fact that they’ve been treasured by others makes them even more special.

    When he was in high school, my son did work experience at Mount Stromlo Observatory. One of the ladies with whom he worked, gave him a small piece of moon rock. We were so excited!

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