It doesn’t last long enough. The longest I can get it to last (and remain hot) is 20 minutes while Dusty T. Dog drools beside me and looks up with longing in eyes. All he gets is whatever coffee and cream have clung to the edges of my cup, but it seems to matter to him a LOT. 

Maybe it’s that he’s the ONLY dog who EVER gets to “drink” from my mug. My “mug” isn’t really a mug. It’s more like a small soup bowl or those things French people drink from when they have their cafe au lait in movies and maybe in real life. I have yet to spend a morning with a French person.

I buy my coffee in five pound bags from Solar Roast in Pueblo, Colorado. It’s the world’s FIRST (and maybe only?) solar roasting operation.

My order arrives in a big box, carefully and personally packed. Last time the package contained a whole burlap coffee sack from Guatemala and the words “You’re awesome!” written in magic marker on the inside flap of the box.ย 

Solar Roast has somewhat lower acid, which is a nice, and it’s very flavorful.ย The coffee is amazing. I never imagined giving up on Lavazza, but I did.ย

17 thoughts on “Coffee

  1. I like coffee, but my coffee drinking days were gone about 5-10 years ago as my digestive system does not accept it. It is probably the milk but drinking it black is not my thing. I am sure your special blend is good

  2. Sounds heavenly. I love coffee. Appreciate the reminder about the acid too. It’s possible to buy de-acified coffee. I used to but it got too expensive. I drink coffee and lots of it! hehe

  3. Martha–you read my mind. Quite a while ago you wrote about Lavazza being your favorite coffee. I put aside my Peet’s and tried Lavazza. That is all I drink now. And now you have a new favorite…..I don’t know what to think…. ๐Ÿ™‚

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