Not What I Thought I’d Write. WordPress Made Me Do It

Dear Happiness Engineers,

This is my second time working with the new editor which you’ve hubristically named “Gutenberg.” Seriously? Frankly, it’s kind of annoying. I don’t like taking instruction (period? ever?) from my computer screen, and, at this point in my blogging “career,” I don’t need you to tell me to “add content.” I wouldn’t be typing here if I didn’t plan to add content. Right? Whomever this is designed for, I’m worried about them but it’s OK. 

Of course you might have a different audience in mind than me, I know, I know… But here’s the thing. I just wanted to write a little blog post. Seriously little. Neither long nor meaningful. I’m tired, kind of brain-dead, and might have a sinus infection (again). Those conditions do not make a sharp tool out of my brain.

I see what’s going to happen. Every time I move to yet one more of your “add text or type/to add content” (I like that creative syntax by the way, very, uh, strange) I get a new “block.”

Listen, sweet cheeks, I’ve been through a few blocks in my time…  This will be the third WP editor I’ve been privileged to use. Deep down in the bowels of WP Admin I find the original editor. I still use it sometimes — no no don’t take it away! Its simplicity is refreshing. 

SOOOOO…since I have nothing of import to say this morning anyway, I slept in, the extra 30 minutes of snoozing led to some  scary dreams, including the part where the demented child stole Bear and though I yelled, “Give me my dog!” loudly over and over it didn’t avail until I spoke French, “Donnez mois mon chien!” With that, the demented child calmly handed me the leash, and I got my dog back. I don’t think you can generalize from that. And no, I don’t know why I sometimes dream in French. Je ne parle pas français.

P.S. The “preview” feature is not working well.

42 thoughts on “Not What I Thought I’d Write. WordPress Made Me Do It

  1. I too am figuring out the new Gutenberg editor. 3 goofed up posts and one messed up page later, I have discovered that it works well with my single paragraph stories. 🤣 Seriously though, I think I like it.

    • I think its functionality depends on what a person is doing — I just write and throw in a photo from time to time, but I think a person who’s completely new to this or is actually laying out a page might be happy to have this thing to work with.

  2. I knew what was coming by only reading the title and you said it well, I have nothing to add. I have been using the last editor since it arrived a couple of years ago and find it good and perfect for my use. I even began to dislike the original editor which some still use and I am happy. I so hope this one will die a quiet death somewhere and be forgotten. I do not need blocks, I just need space to write. And anyway, what is the advantage of this new toy. Perhaps our happiness engineers are no longer happy and need something to do.

    Hunde wollt Ihr ewig leben?

  3. I didn’t dare even check this new Editor out. I was waiting for someone else to do so and thank you for biting the bullet for us all. I haven’t been able to find former drafts for months now and never know what editor I’m in. Half the time my photos rearrange themselves or disappear and a week ago, my “Like” bar disappeared. I WISH THEY WOULD LEAVE THINGS ALONE!!!!! Not once have they actually improved things by changing them in the six years I’ve been blogging. Thanks, Martha, for giving voice to well-deserved gripes (Well-deserved by WP, not by you. Or me. Or any of us.)

  4. I wrote one yesterday. It’s not merely noxious. It is quite simply, unfinished. They didn’t test it, they didn’t get user input (when do they?) and you can’t get rid of it. BUT if you open a new file, type ONE word, save and close it, you can go back to CLASSIC EDITOR under posts. This is so badly broken, it is entirely unusable. I wrote to them, but you know they are no longer talking to anyone who doesn’t have a business account. I’m sure the business users aren’t going to be able to use this, either.

    It has potential if they ever fix it. Right now, it’s not a viable piece of software. For anyone. Using any device.

  5. So. Let’s sum up. No functional indent, can’t color the text, can’t preview. Can’t find the italic key without a map. Can’t make the graphics work, either.

    There is a “classic editor” click next to “Quick edit” in Posts, so if you start a new post, type one word and save it, you can reopen it in a normal editor.

    Hang on to BEAR!

    • I ALWAYS hang on to Bear. ❤

      I'm not having the problems with the new editor. I've now written three posts with it and while it's way too involved with me for me to like it, it's working. But I don't think we're all on the same server.

  6. WordPress has an editor? I must be doing something wrong. No one tells me anything on my blog. (Or I’m just not listening?) it would be funny to learn I’ve made this all a lot harder on myself than is necessary.

  7. I don’t believe the two editors are compatible. If something is saved in the ‘berg, it is ruined for reopening and saving in the previous editor. You lose all your formatting because the ‘berg doesn’t do paragraphs. and the old editor doesn’t understand blocks.

    Pictures and videos in the body are no longer WYSIWYG. I find that a royal PITA.

    • I haven’t had any problems like that so far — but I don’t use a lot of photos. I just now went back to the OLDEST editor and had no problems. I’m kind of thinking that our experiences may be related to how we write our blogs and how we use the interface.

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