36 years ago I went to China. It wasn’t the place it is now. Today I’ve had the chance to wander down memory lane through my blog posts with a blogging pal who’s in China now with his family. 

It makes me want to invest in a slide scanner so I can see the pictures we (mostly my ex) took while we were there. The things I want to see really are gone — some for real, some just as they were back then, such as junks on the Pearl River, favorite street corners, my apartment, the university where I taught.

Sometimes people ask me if I want to return to China for a visit, but it’s impossible. I wish sometimes there WERE worm-holes in the universe through which we could revisit places AND times. More than once this morning I was moved to tears through the sharing of memories. 

AND the miracle of my blog, his blog. and the Internet. Imagine exchanging knowledge of places in China with a man from India (that one has not met) in real time — seriously. That’s unreal and wonderful. 

This song by Vasco Rossi is right on. 

Ormai Γ¨ tardi
E quanto nostalgia
Guarda il tempo
Vola via …
Non si torna.
Comunque sia
E la Vita 
Continua a correr vi

Translation (with the repeated bits left out)

Now it’s late (or) It’s already late
And so much nostalgia
Look at the time
Fly away
And we don’t come back
And life
Continues to run on…Β 

16 thoughts on “China

  1. This brought memories of a sort. When I was little, I had a Chinese pen-pal. I still have a scrapbook of things she sent me — letters, pictures, embroidery patterns, etc. Unfortunately, when we were about 10, the Communists took over, and I’ve been advised ever since that it would be dangerous for her if I tried to contact her. I often wonder what happened to her.

  2. That’s incredible- you taught at a University in China? you must have so many memories from your adventure(s). I have a cousin who would go off to China and stay at a house owned by one of her neighbours in BC…she had quite a few stories, gifts…and told me fake peanut butter exists…lol

    • I have so many memories I can’t remember them all! πŸ˜€ I’ve written some of them here if you search “China” or “Hainan” or “Tea” you’ll find them if you want to.

  3. Vasco Rossi’s looking a lot like Sean Bean (and another actor who’s name escapes me!) πŸ˜‰

    You would have been in China just before Tienanmen Square then??

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