Walking Martha

Bear’s Bliss fell last night, so today Bear and I went tracking ungulates on the golf course. Moose, elk and deer.

When it snows, I can SEE what Bear smells. We get to be a team. I see footprints and , where snow has blown against a cottonwood, even urine splashes on trees.

There are a lot of low leaves on the elm and cottonwood trees between the second and fourth holes so we started there. If there had been no tracks, we’d have left the golf course and wandered out into the fields beyond the driving range where, often, we find fox, raccoon and deer tracks and sometimes animals. But we were lucky.

Tracks and tracks and tracks. Rabbit, squirrel, domestic cat and

Moose??? Elk??? Whitetail Deer???

My personal jury is out on that one. I’ve seen moose tracks on the golf course before, but these seemed a little small, though the right shape. Whitetail deer, possibly. They are around here, too.

Bear caught scent after scent. It was nice for me because I could look ahead and see where she was going. When there’s no snow, I might be yanked in a random direction — random to me.

Once we’d exhausted the tracks, and Bear had several chances to roll in the snow, it was time to check messages. On the map that’s the straight line at the bottom, on E. Prospect Avenue, right in front of Monte Vista High School. Many people walk past there with their dogs, and Bear has many messages to collect — and leave.

My dog walks me, and I love it. It’s never a brisk walk, but Bear is a constant reminder to stop and smell the elk urine.

P.S. Yes, my golf course looks like a glue gun

13 thoughts on “Walking Martha

  1. What a beautiful place to walk with Bear! Do be careful if you ever actually meet a moose — they’re pretty vicious animals!

    • If actually SAW a moose, I would not go anywhere near it and I’d hope it didn’t see me. What’s great (even beyond the greatness of living half a block from the golf course) is that just beyond it are open fields and a slough. In the winter, it’s often all mine, though other people take their dogs. Today I saw a woman with a Great Dane. Her dog was SO happy to be out running free. I really love “my” golf course and the people who run it and most of the golfers. It’s different from a golf course on Coronado or La Jolla. Golfers are often families, sometimes with their dog. 🙂

  2. Our golf courses are not open places and I don’t think dog walkers would be welcome. You have so much snow, must be the altitude. I enjoy going on the walks with you

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