The Price — Looking for Reviewers!

After a lot of soul-searching (not really but it sounds good) I’m self-publishing The Price,  final novel in the Schneebelungelied. Why? I dunno. I had so much fun designing it, and I like how it turned out. By now I’ve had so much experience building my own books that I like doing it. It might be my favorite part after the initial inspiration. 🙂

I will be releasing The Price on December 5, about three weeks before Christmas. It will be available in Kindle and as a paperback. The Kindle version is available for pre-order for $5.00.

The novel is 70,000 words, roughly 200 pages — definitely not War and Peace.

I was thinking it would be cool to get some advanced reviews. If you would like to do that for me, I will email you an ePub version you can read on your Kindle or phone or? I will also have one paperback I can share next week sometime. All I ask is that you post a short review on Goodreads and Amazon and on your blog if you want. If enough people volunteer, I’ll set up a blog tour to drive readers to your site. I’ve also built The Price a “webpage.”

17 thoughts on “The Price — Looking for Reviewers!

  1. I’m up for it. Can you publish a review ahead of time? Is a short review ok — I’d probably do a haiku review on my poetry blog as it’s where i have the most people into lit — with a couple paragraphs on the review ? Do you want the review published on the day of publication within a few days period? like from Nov 14-16 since the preorder is up then? Or Dec. 18-21? Setting a timeframe when you want the reviews would be a good idea. You might even set up a two-tier time frame for people who can do one on their blog to trigger a blog tour of the book that runs from Nov 14 through Dec 18. I’d think it might be important to set off a blog tour once there is a direct link to the book either through your page or where readers can buy it. And then another set to put the reviews on Amazon et al once the book is available for purchase. Anyways, I’m just thinking on the fly. I don’t know much about this stuff so I’m writing my questions and thoughts off the top of my head.

    • Thank you! That would be great. 🙂 If you email me your email, I’ll send you the eBook.

      Amazon won’t post reviews until the book is officially for sale but Goodreads will (as I recall). I have no timeframe for reviews. It’s the holiday season so I don’t want to demand anything. 🙂

      I did a blog tour for The Brothers Path. It generated reviews, but not sales. I was seriously into pitching that book because of the various misadventures and disappointments that happened in the publishing saga. It’s a long story but basically an agent and a publisher both wanted it at the same time. I had to choose. It was a horrible decision. The one I chose went out of business and then the other didn’t want it any more. The blog tour cost several hundred dollars. The woman who coordinated the tour was great, but I can’t do that again. I just don’t have the funds.

      • wow, that does sound like a horrible choice. It’s really too bad about the publisher going out of business just when they were going to publish your book.

        I wouldn’t do a blog tour by paying someone else to coordinate it. But rather from the volunteers your are gathering. Asking what days they can post. Here’s the problem with not setting dates — we are all busy. So we tend to prioritize. Having a date makes it easier to prioritize … otherwise it goes into the “do it when I have time” pile which is very very dangerous. And if you know what days the review is supposed to appear on a particular blog, you can A) send a reminder email the day before and B) once the review appears, you can link to the review on your own blog with a link to your book. So the bloggers get a beney of possible hits from your readers and you get the hit of possible hits from their blog of interested readers. It’s more work for you though.

      • still haven’t received the ebook review copy. it’s ok because i have to push the review date from nov 20 to nov 22 if that is okay with you. i sent you an email but had a hard time finding yours so i’ not sure it’s the right one. hoping it was.

  2. I think by December I might be ready and able, should you be interested. With all the attendant PR you’d like. I have a feeling this one’s gonna be even better.

  3. A friend suggested I may like to volunteer to read and review your new book, as I do quite a lot of reviews. I like the page for the book and historical novels tend to be my favourite. Had to pick me up off the floor when I saw the price, but if you have a good following that shouldn’t matter. I post to both Amazon and Goodreads, and if I really like it I post something on my website as well. If you e-mail me a mobi copy I can probably start in a week or two.

  4. If it wasn’t the holidays (with a full house to start with and more on the way), I do it. At any rate, I hope this works really well for you. Blessings!

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