7 thoughts on “Not for a While…

  1. Beautiful, Martha! I had to do a double-take at your photo, as a friend posted an almost identical picture yesterday (she lives in Canada).

    Anyway, I’m already yearning for the smells of summer days, but the snow we had a few days ago isn’t melting into the ground. I’m afraid I’m in for a long winter.

    • I know Minnesota winters are not like those in the San Luis Valley. 😦 We get snow and cold but the sun shines most days though once it starts in earnest, the snow doesn’t melt until February.

      I used to teach ESL and I had a student from Quebec. He gave a presentation about making maple syrup. He made a little mistake in the talk and said, “In March the sap goes up the tree when the snow begins to smell.” 😉 Meaning melt, but really he was right.

  2. That is a wonderful sky, Martha. Usually Ama tells me if a storm is coming. Sometimes it doesn’t eventuate, but later I hear that there has been a big storm in another part of the city. I wonder what it is that dogs sense?

    I couldn’t play the video I’m afraid. There is some sort of geographical block on it.

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