Michael J. Preston (reprise)




This blog post was originally published some 3 years ago. A person only has so many mentors. I’ve had three actual living people as mentors along with various and sundry dead people. There’s a difference between mentor and hero, but the line is kind of fuzzy, especially with dead mentors.

22 thoughts on “Michael J. Preston (reprise)

  1. Mr. Preston sounds like a wonderful mentor — interested in his students for the right reasons, and thus guiding their learning in the ways that benefit them most.

  2. Now that you mention it, I had a couple of mentors too, professionally and in college and another couple in High School. Remarkably, I (mostly) remember what they said. But I was like you. I came from an ugly family situation and I had a lot of issues. I think I’m younger NOW than I was when I really was young.

  3. I love the honesty of this, Martha. You look back and see what was not what might have been, or what you wanted it to be. You’ve embraced the reality of your life and look at you. Your a brilliant woman who managed (i’m damn sure) to effect positive change in a few students. I know I loved my teachers and I was lucky, I had fabulous teachers who were involved, cared and would shoot straight from the hip. Loved that! Always!

  4. Wonderful story of a wonderful mentor and a young woman who really showed up for herself. Inspiring. And so often we keep learning from our mentors long after our last contact.

  5. I love this memory. I think it’s true we don’t remember the words our mentors say so much as how we feel supported to learn our own lessons. You’ve weaved so much into this post. It feels like a flash-memoir–a beautiful piece.

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