Halloween Snow

There were a lot of years when I was a kid when it snowed on Halloween. It’s kind of a tradition. Bear’s happy. I’m happy. I’m about to put on my boots and take Bear for a ramble and then come home and shovel walks. I know there’s a chance (slight) that by March I’ll be sick of snow, but right now, I’m very happy. The world is costumed in moisture and white silence. The happy snowplow came by (comforting sound and sight) and all is right with the world.


11 thoughts on “Halloween Snow

  1. That is SUCH a happy looking bear! I hope you have some warm socks and that you both have fun in the snow!

  2. Sometimes it didn’t snow in Michigan until January. Halloween was pretty secure as bare ground and the very last of the fall color.

    I thought about this song a lot.

    • This is the first Halloween since I moved here that it snowed and we didn’t have. snow this good all winter last year. I hope it’s a harbinger.

  3. If snow was what made Halloween, I’d be as happy today as Bear! I’m so glad you two had a good walk and got all that snow shoveled! I imagine that the shoveling itself made today a good day for you!

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