New Old Story

Back in my 20’s I wrote a “novel.” It was not a novel, it was thinly disguised autobiography, but as I had not yet encountered my story, it was all I had. And, there was the fact that stuff going on in my life at the time made no sense whatsoever and was better suited to fiction than reality.

So, I wrote it.

And now…

The Schneebelis Go To America is still in process. At the moment my query and synopsis are at my editor’s, and I’ve made one copy of it as a printed book so I can go through it in another format (often very helpful). I’m waiting for it to be printed and delivered.

So I’m back on the novel that’s not fiction.

It’s good. It’s a bildungsroman, a coming of age story. After so many years, it might as well BE fiction.


12 thoughts on “New Old Story

  1. Exciting. I liked the synopsis you posted before. What does go anywhere mean? Does that mean bestseller? Some books are sleepers and they have a lot of staying power. Every word you write means something, Martha. It is not just words. Does that make sense?

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