Lamont and Dude Discuss Friendship

“Dude, how’d it go up there in LA?”

“I dunno. I told you I’m about over this. This is not being a REAL Smilodon. This is being a guy in a smilodon suit. I almost told the kiddies that today.”

“I knew there’d come a time when you’d want to show those kids what a REAL Smilodon does. Did.”

“No. The kids are cute. They love Smilodons. I’m not going to fuck with that.”

“Yeah, you’re no real Smilodon. Tell you what, I’ll wear the costume next week. No one will know. You can have a weekend off. Hit on some women, you know, like in the old days.”

“It won’t work. You’ll open your human mouth and all kinds of wise cynicism will come out. Besides, were you ever a roaring predator?”

“You’re seriously asking me that?”


“I was a tiger.”

“I keep forgetting. I wasn’t around for that one.”

“Maybe you were a rock. You were an island. I don’t know.”

“That was the iteration that made you afraid of luv’, right? The one where you were killed by the male while you were mating?”

“It’s not that unusual.”

“Probably nature’s way of keeping the species strong. Only the really tough females survive.”

“If you’re trying to insult me, that’s not the way. You weren’t there and you’ve never been a Siberian tiger. If anything, it’s a design flaw.”

“Why would I insult you? You’re my best friend!”


Lamont and Dude are characters I came up with a few years ago. They have the uncanny ability to remember many of their previous incarnations which gives them a unique perspective on life, the universe and everything.


Friendship is one of the greatest things in life. ❤

6 thoughts on “Lamont and Dude Discuss Friendship

  1. I have just come back from a wheelie and the first I read are these two guys. Love them, a real set up for the rest of the afternoon. Also gives me hope for the future live(s)

  2. You know, if women were more dangerous in the sack, men would be a lot more careful. Hmm. I have to think about that. I’ve always admired the female mantis.

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