West Frisco Creek

Four years ago today, I moved into my house. I wanted to make a big deal out of that anniversary, so I asked my friends to go with me on my first mountain hike since I moved back to Colorado.

My friend Elizabeth (originally from a tiny town in Australia by the name of Buxton) came along. We followed the directions of my physical therapist who’d recommended the trail, “Go to Del Norte and turn left at the car wash.” We were then on a beautiful paved road that evolved into a nice graveled road, that evolved into a nicely maintained dirt road. At the end was the trailhead.

It was my first hike (since my hip replacement) on truly uneven ground with loose rocks and some ups and downs (other than daily life, I mean). It was easy.

We only wanted to be gone a couple of hours, and I didn’t want to undertake more than I could return from, so we ended up walking a relatively short way. I told Elizabeth that the end of the trail is an alpine lake — six miles up. We decided to work toward that for next summer.

It’s a perfect day, not a cloud in the sky, not much wind, comfortable temperatures. The aspen were enormous — I’ve never seen anything like that. They have grown up in groves of beetle kill pine so they haven’t had much competition. But coming up — five feet and lower — are pines, protected by the giant aspen. The light was not only impossible to photograph, but I don’t think I can describe it well. It was my first experience in a large aspen forest and it was enchanting. There are no aspen in Southern California.

Elizabeth is very active in the beautiful Gfenn-like Episcopal church in our town. I’ve visited a few times. Now she’s been with me to my church. ❤

P.S. Now I’ve looked on the topo map and we got the wrong trail, but there are three branches of San Francisco Creek, and we are going back. 🙂

19 thoughts on “West Frisco Creek

  1. What beautiful scenery — and it looks like a gorgeous day, too! Keep at it, and next year you’ll see the lake!

  2. In Michigan we’d use the aspens to predict the weather. When the winds would blow from an unusual direction you’d see the underside of the leaves which were more silver than green. Since wind from the south or east usually meant rain. a glance at the Aspen would tell you.

  3. Happy anniversary! What a perfect way to celebrate. The weather has been similarly gorgeous (and unexpectedly warm) here too! I think you got better at just the right time. Hikes in the autumn are the best!

      • I hope it lasts! I don’t think it will here, but at least that means the ski season is on the way… 😉

        • I can’t wait. I dreamed of X-country skiing twice last night. Being able to do that in real life will literally be a dream come true. 😀 If I get really brave, I’ll go take refresher lessons in downhill and give it a shot.

  4. We still belong to a church, but don’t get there often — I feel a deeper connection to my spiritual self in the woods or on the back of a horse. I bought a long-dreamed-of convertible last year and sometimes taking that little beauty out for a drive is a form of church for me too. Glad you’re out hiking — I think your goal is a great one. It’s made me realize I need one too. but first, I’m working up to running/walking the Turkey Trot with my cousin this year. Then I’ll look for a longer effort. thanks for the inspiration!

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