Conversation with PBYT.Dog

“Yes, Bear.”
“When will it snow?”
“About the time you have my yard completely dug up, I think.”
“I meant to say no one knows.”
“Last year we’d already had a blizzard.”
“I know, but it was the only real snow we had. I think that sucks.”
“We went out in it.”
“Of course we did because we’re idiots like that.”
“I love snow.”
“I love it too, Bear. It will come, sooner or later, but we live between two mountain ranges. They catch most of the storms. It’s just how it is.”
“Why don’t we move?”


PBYT.Dog = Polar Bear Yeti T. Dog

17 thoughts on “Conversation with PBYT.Dog

  1. We do not lack for snow here. If I had a train, I’d ship Bear a whole freight train full of snow. It could last you right through the summer into next winter!

    • “What station?”
      “No, Bear. It’s a hypothetical. Marilyn can’t do that and how would we bring a trainload of snow home?”
      “I could just stay on the train.”

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