The Brothers Path — For Free!

Last year I busted my ass trying to promote my novel, The Brothers PathIt’s a fast-moving novel about the Protestant Reformation as it happened in Switzerland. OK, we think of Switzerland today as a little land-locked neutral country with a lot of money, cheese, and chocolate, but back in the day, cities in Switzerland were major world powers. Switzerland was also the first democratic Confederation in Europe (post-Greece, etc.) Yeah. It was also part of the Holy Roman Empire. The map of Europe was different. Sure, the outlines were the same, but otherwise? Europe was a bunch of Liechtensteins, Monacos, etc.

Some of the most influential people during this time were Swiss. We don’t hear much about them, but that doesn’t change the facts. Out of Switzerland came some of the major Christian religions.

My novel focuses on the experiences of six brothers in one family during this time of religious upheaval, war, and change.


I bought 10 copies of this novel to sell in the Tattered Cover Bookstore in Denver. They sold none of them. I’m not surprised, but it was a shot I had to take and, because of my hip and other problems, I wasn’t able to back up the sales with a book-signing.

And, I’ll admit it, writing about obscure moments of history that occur in obscure places pretty much ensures that people are not going to read my books. I know that, I get it, but I write what I write. Why? No idea, but there it is. It really doesn’t matter that they’re written well.

SO…cleaning out my “studio” or whatever that room is I found 10 copies of this novel. I don’t want to store them. I went to Goodreads to see about setting up a giveaway but now that costs more than $100. Right? So I’m here, peddling my papers.

The Brothers Path has won the IndieBRAG Medallion and it has gotten some good reviews by people who understand the nature of the novel. You can read reviews here, here, and here. Also, considering the fact that many of our so-called German ancestors were actually Swiss and the events portrayed in the novel led directly to the immigration of our ancestors, it might be kind of interesting to anyone who is interested in the history of their “German” family.

I am offering the ten copies of The Brothers Path for free. You only need to pay shipping and you can do that through PayPal (ask me how). Media mail, depending how far the book is going, is usually under $3 in the US, around $12 to Canada, around $25 international shipping to Europe, and even more to Australia. (Frankly, if you’re not in the US or Canada, it’s closer to “Free” on Amazon. 🙂 )

9 thoughts on “The Brothers Path — For Free!

  1. This sounds really interesting Martha! I’d love to read this, as although I love reading about history, I know very little about this period.

    Should I send you a facebook message with my address? I have paypal, so that part shouldn’t be a problem. 🙂

  2. For anyone thinking about it, then do it. A very good book, informative and a good storyline. Part of our Swiss history and it clarified a lot for me being an ex pat who became a paper Swiss. Would add we are not really obscure just a country with only eight million Population

  3. I’ve already downloaded a copy. But a hard copy would be good. I have a friend who doesn’t read e-books and is interested in history. I’ve just finished a book, so I think I will start on The Brothers Path next. I need to read it before your next book comes out. I’ll send you an email, Martha.

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