Life in the West (and a PSA — get your flu shot and don’t argue with me)

I’m as rugged as they come, being, as an old friend used to say, a “Modern Western Woman,” western meaning the West which is right here where buffalo roam and every second pick-up has a driver wearing a c’boy hat. I am self-reliant, don’t mind getting dirty and laugh at pain. Haha, pain.

So today I made my way to the big city and the supermarket. I never make a list because I’m rugged and don’t need frou-frou like that. The store was pretty empty except for the usual c’boys, farmers, Amish, and retirees. I went to find probiotics (since the antibiotics of the surgery, my digestion has been a little rugged) and saw there was NO ONE IN LINE AT THE PHARMACY.

“Get a flu shot,” said a still, small voice within. “Now’s the time.”

Always listen to the still, small voice within.

It takes a lot of guts to march up to that window and say, “I want a flu shot” and then they offer you one for pneumonia, too, because you’re a rugged OLD person which is even more rugged than a rugged young person. You’ll find out.

So I filled out a paper, handed over my Medicare card, and waited. People came and went. A cute little Hispanic boy about three showed me his very excellent Kung Fu moves, but since I’m so rugged, I just smiled. His mom informed me that the kid is a character. A little later a Hispanic farmer sat down beside me and said in the magical accent I’ve loved since I was a kid, “You getting a flu shot?”

“Yep,” I said which is how rugged Western people say, “Yes.”

The pharmacist called me and I went into a little room where I discovered I couldn’t get my long sleeve up high enough for him to give me a shot. No worries. Us rugged Western women wear undershirts, so I slipped my left arm out of the sleeve.

He did a good job with the shots. I hardly felt anything — and I told him.

“The pneumonia shot often hurts,” he said.

“Life is pain,” I said, grinning, embracing the misery of existence as any rugged, stoical western woman should.

Then he said, “Before you put your sleeve back on, let me see if it’s bleeding.”

I said, “I want a Band-aid. Even if it’s not bleeding, Band-aids make it feel better. Especially a Mickey Mouse Band-aid.

“Right?” he said, rummaging around in his Band-aid cabinet. “Oh!!! Wait, I have Loony Tunes Band-aids, wait!” As if I were going anywhere.

I am now wearing a Daffy Duck Band-aid on my rugged left arm.

I walked out, and the Hispanic farmer said, “I saw on the news there’s a new flu strain that kills people.”

“That’s fun,” I said. He grinned.

“Pretty soon we’ll all be wearing masks.”

“I want a Batman mask,” I said. Only Batman is more rugged than I am.

17 thoughts on “Life in the West (and a PSA — get your flu shot and don’t argue with me)

  1. WE got our flu shots and we’re up to date on pneumonia. I figure any disease I don’t get is a good disease. It’s like you never lose the battles you don’t have, you rugged person you.

  2. I spent the weekend on a hot & rugged Cub Scout campout with The Boy then, instead of resting on Columbus Day, went on a lovely rugged hike with my friend. I’m taking the kids Saturday to get our rugged flu shots.

  3. I’m a Hello Kitty Band-Aid fan, myself. I also have a frou frou car, which is why my vehicle spent the entire weekend stuck in a festival parking lot that turned into a swamp during an unexpected downpour. The rugged Appalachians and their rugged trucks drove right out. I think there’s a life lesson here. 🙂

    • I feel your pain. I have a pretty good car, but if it snows more than 12 inches, I’m stuck in my garage because no one plows the alley. I have been known to shovel the alley from the street to my driveway (and my driveway). “What’s grandma doing?”
      “She’s shoveling that damned alley again.”
      “Somebody ought to help her!”
      “Yep, but what idiot is going to shovel an alley?”

  4. I really enjoyed your post. Maybe I’ll get a flu shot if they have Mighty Mouse bandaids (he saved the day after all). Otherwise I will just stay home for the next few months. Or just hold my breath when I am out.
    I am also very impressed you shop without a list. Whoa.

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