Every Blogger Needs an “About” Page.

I’m not sleeping so I’m reading and exploring blogs on Word Press. I just read one about bears. It was kind of interesting, but there was no information about where the writer lives or who the writer is. There is no “About” page.

I hate that. A completed “about” page enhances a blog (to me, anyway).

Our readers (if we’re lucky) don’t live inside our heads. They live out in the world and presumably know stuff that might be engaging or even helpful to us, but without context? I have lost interest.

We don’t have to give ourselves away or make ourselves vulnerable to attack by writing, “The Northwest Territories of Canada have been my home since I was a cub” or “I live in the San Luis Valley of Colorado.” It’s possible to give context to one’s blog posts without saying a whole lot about one’s self.  One of the great things about doing this is “meeting” people from all over the place.

So I don’t care anymore about the guy and “his” bears or his wife and their dumbass pumpkin bread and coffee. By not having an “about” page that writer — with all of five followers — lost a potential reader. I WAS interested. I wanted to know about their 100-pound dogs (what kind?) I wanted to know where “their” bears are. I would have to read through all the posts to find that out and even then, that might not be anywhere to be found.

Sorry, but it’s just rude not to introduce yourself.

19 thoughts on “Every Blogger Needs an “About” Page.

  1. Now I am interested in that blog… bears, pumpkin bread and coffee. Does sounds interesting 😊 but I agree with you that all blogs need an “ About” page 👍

    • Yep! I think people often write without realizing they are not going to make any sense to anyone without the big five — who, what, when, where and how — to connect their reader to the writing and to them. I consider it a matter of respect for others (and the self).

  2. I agree. And its on my list to update my about page. I do like to know a bit about the person writing. Connection and some level of detail does matter.

  3. I agree about the “About” page. One doesn’t have to give one’s whole life history, but a few bits and pieces, maybe where they call home and the generation they are give me more interest. If there’s no “About” page, I usually move along. No follow for them.

  4. And we also need a contact page. How many times I’ve wanted to say something privately and discovered there was no way to do it. I had a contact thing on my individual contact page, but finally, I added a separate contact page.

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