Around Here, It IS all Black and White

Me 05:05:2018

Dusty T. Dog is an all black dog, Dobie and Lab, with short fur, “dog-ear” ears, and brown eyes. His adopted sister, Polar Bear Yeti T. Dog is a white Akbash dog with silky, long fur and blue eyes. Akbash is a livestock guardian breed that originated in Turkey. Dusty is high-strung, nervous, scared of many things. He has a loud, fierce, hysterical bark that sounds aggressive, but Dusty is a lover not a fighter.  Bear is consummately chill. Her bark is loud, deep and scary, with no notes of fear. In a clinch, I think Bear would kill and Dusty would run. Dusty is hesitant, Bear is confident. Dusty is very obedient and needs no leash to stay at heel. Bear was very easy to train, but if she catches a scent, she’s gone. It happened only once, and I hope it doesn’t happen again.

We look pretty striking when we go for a walk together, Dusty on my left, Bear on my right, little white-haired lady in between. This photo was taken two days before my hip surgery. A few things strike me — one, it’s May in the San Luis Valley. Looks like winter. In town, however, trees were bursting out their leaves and blossoms and when I came home a few days later, the mock-crabs all over town were gorgeous. I’ve lost about 20 pounds since this photo which is a very good thing for my arthritic knee. I DON’T want knee surgery. I’m really done (I hope).

Seems like it was a short summer. For the first time that I can remember I’m sorry to see  summer go.

Another contrast.

12 thoughts on “Around Here, It IS all Black and White

  1. It was almost a non-summer, between physical stuff and the endless rain and gray skies. We haven’t had one week of really good weather.

    We had our two absolutely black Scotties. When they don’t smile, it’s hard to see them in a dim room … and in romped El Duque who is an Asian something or other. Now, I’m wondering about reclaiming a retired war dog. Most of them are either Belgian or German shepherds, a breed about which I know a lot, but with which I’ve had no experience.

    Between the coyotes and the bears and a sense we need a little more protection than we have, it’s something to \ consider. Our dogs best intentions wouldn’t protect anything. They have zero protective instincts, but they do bark a lot.

  2. How I would love to make a visit see it all myself: you and the dogs and the valley. Shame you cannot take them with you if and when you are again in der Schweiz

  3. Amazing landscape carrying you, Dusty and Bear around and about. You description of your dogs, and their separate personalities is spot on and terrific

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