Of Mice and Music

One of fall’s quaint customs is the return of vermin. Mice. Fortunately for me, I’ve had a lot of experience getting the little sons-a-bitches, and I’m determined to win. So far it’s one down and godnose how many remain. It’s a little-known fact that mice travel in malevolent packs and eat bananas

In other news, since I have no story to write at the moment (waiting for my novel to come back from my editor) I pulled out the “never finished story” and started working on it. For some reason, I also decided to listen to The Pretenders, in depth. I have always liked them but I never listened to their music in any profound or concentrated way.


It’s always surprising that the best songs don’t make the radio.

I’m in love with their first album. I got hooked by this, “Precious,” the very first song:

Now Howard the duck and Mr Stress both stayed
“Trapped in a world that they never made”
But not me baby I’m too precious
Fuck off

Back in the day when this album was recorded and Howard the Duck Comix came out I was THAT person. As I rode the bike to nowhere and heard this song, I saw me walking down a crowded Denver street in bright red oxfords (not Dr. Maartens, please, it was 1979 or 80) composing a poem in my head. I was on my way to work. I’d bought Howard the Duck the day before and absolutely loved the sentence, “Trapped in a world he never made.” The sentence was echoing around in my “soon-to-be-at-the-law-firm-I’m-a-paralegal” brain.

It’s not nostalgia. I never heard this music before, but like manna from Heaven, the perfect soundtrack for eliminating redundancies from the book that’s never finished, the love stories that couldn’t jell.



6 thoughts on “Of Mice and Music

  1. Not sure about the Pretenders, but then I was a Beetles/Stones more type of person and was busy bring up the kids when the others arrived. And the mice? Luckily I do not see many with cat in the house, although we have enough in the fields but I suspect many have now been victims to the harvesters.

    • Everyone in my house wishes we had a nice tabby cat but for different reasons. Dusty wants to share telepathic research, Bear wants to protect it, and I want it to kill BUT there’s a very busy street in front of my house. 😦

  2. My Precious! What a perfect song for a Tuesday morning, the day that my offenders report to me. 3 down, 27 to go. 6:00 can’t get here fast enough. Then I can get a little brass in pocket and get to Detroit leanin’.

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