Not the Celebration I Planned

To celebrate my arrival back in Colorado four years ago — and my ability to walk — my friends and I were going to take a hike today. But…

I got a sinus infection. It started showing up last Friday with pain in my neck and a migraine. My migraines don’t hurt; they’re just ocular migraines. That progressed to swollen glands and fatigue, pain in my sinuses. I knew what it was but who wants that?

These things don’t go away and all the mental energy put toward denying their existence is a symptom of an illness… Last night I woke up with a fever and thought, “I’m not going hiking. I’m going to the doctor.” Third thing this morning, I called and made an appointment.

When I went out to the car, a flock of about 20 Sandhill Cranes flew directly over me, calling out. I waved, said, “Hello! I love you! Safe travels!” and I went to Del Norte where my doctor is.

And now I have antibiotics.

I guess my celebration is that tomorrow I might feel better. The cranes are back. Maybe Dusty, Bear and I might go to the slough (were the creepy guy doesn’t go) and maybe we’ll see more cranes.

16 thoughts on “Not the Celebration I Planned

  1. So sorry about the sinus infection — they’re no fun at all, but you’re doing the right thing in taking care of it! How fun that the cranes are back and flew by to say hello to you and to wish you happy anniversary of your return to Colorado!!

  2. I’ve been wondering if that’s what’s bothering me, too. It has happened before and I hate dealing with the antibiotics … and they just don’t go away without them. it would explain the extreme tiredness, too. Well, I have a doctor’s appointment at the beginning of October. If I’m not better by then …

  3. Have the antibiotics kicked in? I sure hope you’re feeling better! We have a sandhill crane family that has been hanging around the properties on or street. The mother and father had a baby this spring, so we’ve been watching the little one grow. For the past month, Baby has been practicing his flying and getting ready to go for the winter. Love those sandhill cranes!

    • The antibiotics are working and my head doesn’t hurt anymore. Now I’m just tired. Thanks! I love the Sandhill Cranes. Since I’m kind of under the weather, I think later today, rather than a long walk with the dogs, I’ll take Bear out to the refuge for a shorter walk, and we’ll see if it’s been flooded and if the cranes have noticed.

  4. Sounds like a perfect plan. How much rain have you had? We had five inches last evening with a few tornadoes. Lucky the tornadoes were south of us. Not so lucky for those south of us.

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