Dusty and Mindy Move to Colorado in a Dodge Van with Lily and Me


“What the fuck? This isn’t our car. It smells weird. I don’t like this, I don’t like this at all. I might lie on my back and pee in the air. This is awful. I’m scared.”

“It’s OK, Dusty. She’s here. We’re all here. Our beds are here. It’s all fine.”

“How can you be so sanguine, Mindy?”

“Well, first it’s my nature. Second, I think if she’s here we’re fine. If she comes back when she leaves us, we’re fine. I don’t worry about every little thing like SOME dogs I know. She always takes care of us.”


“It’s OK Dusty,” I tell him from the front seat. “We’re going home. You can quit pacing and breathing hard.”


“See? I told you, Dusty. Lily isn’t worried.”

“Yeah but she’s a wild animal. We’re pets.”

“There is that. But really, Dusty, learn to keep it under control a bit. You’ll have a happier life.”

“You’re probably right, Mindy, but when I start getting scared, it’s a fast and slippery slope all the way to terror.”

“Lie down, Dusty,” I say.

“Do what she said. I have a feeling this time home is a long ways away.” Mindy closed her soft, sweet beautiful eyes and as a model for Dusty, went to sleep.



20 thoughts on “Dusty and Mindy Move to Colorado in a Dodge Van with Lily and Me

  1. And you all made it. Its amazing the different “personalities” amongst the critters. Such varied responses and good teachers for us, should we be paying attention.

    • Me too. Only Bear could have been any kind of compensation for the loss of Lily. That she got to be in one real snowstorm made bringing her out here completely worth it. And knowing how happy Mindy was living with me makes the loss of her a little easier to take. I don’t even want to think of Dusty being 13 1/2 years old.

      • Bonnie is getting old too, and blind. We try not to think about it. At all. Garry hasn’t recovered from losing Divot 12 years ago, or Pagan a few years after that. Or Bishop or Amber or … So many. It’s a pool of tears.

        • I’m just taking the best care I can of Dusty T. Dog and Bear adores him, so his life is a happy ending even though his left hip bothers him. That he’s such a long-lived big dog is already my good fortune and that we now live in a place where he loves the vet is another. He’s been a challenge but a very precious one.

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