Quilt Show

As a girl, I learned all the domestic arts. Β I enjoyed learning and doing them. I sewed all my own clothes through high school and started cooking when I was 7. I appreciate them very much, though I no longer participte in any serious way. Still, going to the annual quilt show in the mesmerizingly beautiful town of Creede, Colorado is a huge treat. My friend E and I went today and had a great time. I think I’m mostly just going to share pictures.


This is the most amazing quilt (to me). This quilter combined traditional quilt patterns (Bear Paw, Canoe, Pine Tree, Berry Basket, Clouds, Geese [or ducks] in Flight) with images that reflect the patterns. My friend and I both loved this one.

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P.S. The quilt show is INSIDE a mountain. πŸ™‚

20 thoughts on “Quilt Show

  1. Wow! Really amazing work. I get tempted when I see these quilts, and then I check in with the reality of whats involved. I’ve done a few small quilts over the years, but don’t really have the desire strongly enough to produce such detailed works. Thanks for going and sharing the pix.

    • My friend got tempted. I absolutely don’t. Once upon a time I might have. One of the things I liked was that some quilts came with stories. I wish I’d taken more photos — I didn’t take photos of quilts I liked very much.

    • The moose quilt had a story. This lady and her daughter went to Alaska and took a painting class (why?). This was the scene she tried (and failed?) to paint. I think that’s very cool.

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