Look Around You, You Can Save These Dogs

This is a heart-rending, beautifully and passionately written post. Cara Achtenberg is on a book tour/shelter tour of the South, reading ad signing books and distributing donations to shelters in need. The book is wonderful, but I think this tour eclipses it. ❤

Another Good Dog™

The dogs and shelters are beginning to blur together.

Thank goodness for Lisa, who is traveling with me and taking copious notes, asking the questions I forget to ask, and handing me crackers with cheese as I drive the behemoth van between stops. Our days and hearts are filled to the brim.

If you knew Lisa you would be surprised and not surprised that she is traveling on this journey with me. Lisa is not a dog-person, but she is a Cara-person. When she visits my dog-filled house, the dogs will flock to her and she will inevitably say, “I don’t even like dogs, but this one is nice.” (every time)

Here’s what this trip is doing to her – she is often the last one out of the kennels as we finish our visits, lingering in front of cages, tears on her face, snapping pictures. One dog, at Anson…

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6 thoughts on “Look Around You, You Can Save These Dogs

  1. These posts totally kill me. Because I really WOULD take them all, every last one of them. I love them all, the funny looking ones and the pure-breds, the old ones and the pups. Every one of them, tiny or huge.

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