Review of My Everest and Intro to an Enjoyable Blog

Over the summer (it’s still summer????) I was nominated for Best Overall Blog by the Annual Bloggers Bash. It was an amazing thing, “The annual get together for all bloggers from all platforms from all over the world.” Seriously. Me? My blog? This blog? At that point in this past summer, I was barely able to comprehend what had happened due to narcotics and hip surgery, but in the haze of all that, I did read some wonderful blogs I would not have known about. One of them is Unbound Roots

Today Erin, the writer of Unbound Roots, posted a  review of My Everest. What makes her review so great to me is that my little book about hiking with my dogs inspired her to take a solo hike with her dogs.

I’m very grateful that she found the time in her busy life to read and write about my book. You can read the review here (“My Everest/My Inspiration”) and THEN take some time to look through Erin’s posts. I think you’ll find — as I have — a person you would like to know. She’s a talented painter, a mom, a daughter, a soccer coach, a teacher, a gardener — generally a person who is enthusiastically living her life.

Thanks Erin!!!

4 thoughts on “Review of My Everest and Intro to an Enjoyable Blog

  1. Gosh, Martha, you make me smile. Thanks so very much for this sweet post! I feel very lucky to have met you through the awards, and now you’re inspiring me even further through your writing and stories. I do hope our paths will cross somewhere in the near future so we can take that hike. I have a feeling we’d never tire of chatting – or hiking. Thanks again! ❤

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